I am a lecturer and a teacher. Becoming a teacher was both an exciting and challenging endeavor I was looking forward to experience. The desire has been felt each and every moment I spent to study hard. I was so passionate towards teaching where I started teaching as an assistant teacher right after my Ordinary Level exam, while doing my private Advanced Level studies and my Diploma in Primary Teaching in 2012.

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Thereafter I received rewarding positions and with the time and by reaching academic qualifications , I managed to achieve a higher position as a teacher. I pushed myself to achieve more and with my hardwork of 7 long years, I managed to become a lecturer in Criminal Psychology by 2019.

Teaching is a challenging but very rewarding profession, playing an essential part in helping children and young people to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need in later life. I have always enjoyed teaching children; I have never felt tired or felt the time flying while teaching. Children are all so different and exciting. Teaching has offered family friendly hours that I have not always found at usual occasions.

My goal is to help each student learn by whatever method he or she learns best. I also want them to be so excited about learning and desire to learn more, like a dry sponge soaks up water. Teaching is stimulating and demanding, but most of all extremely rewarding and self fulfilling. What I think I am anticipating most, though, is learning from the students, since some days teachers learn as much or more than the children. So my journey of learning and teaching would continue in my life and I feel so blessed to spend my precious time teaching someone.