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Hello! Dear friends, Hope everyone doing well. Here is the most simple & helpful Germany Travel Guide in 2020 & before you travels to Germany, there are some important things you have to consider. Let’s refer the article.

History of the country

To start this text I had to drink 4 beers (Maas = 1-liter mug) to adapt to the normal status of a Hofbrauhaus Drinker in Munich. After all, I can tell you I lived and worked in Germany and my surname is Ritler. So it sounds quite similar to “Heil Hitler” which does not mean “Hey Ritler” at all when somebody called me. Can I start with Hitler? His-story of Germany was mostly characterized by Hitler and Co. and my German friend would hate me to start with this topic but as I misbehave as usual I do.

There are six notable events in German history to cut it short. Connected to the 9th of November is the execution of Robert Blum in 1848. Robert Blum was a publicist and publisher who fought for a very strong, unified Germany opposed ethnocentrism and it was his strong belief that no one people should rule over another person. Then the end of the monarchies in 1918, which was the end of Habsburg rule but the Monarchy did not collapse until the end of the First World War while Emperor Karl, his successor, abdicated and new country states have been established inside the former Habsburg territories.

Furthermore the naming of Albert Einstein as the winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. And later Hitler putsch attempt in 1923, where Hitler and his associates planned to use Munich as a base for a march against Germany’s Weimar Republic government. The next sad memorable event was the Nazi anti-Semitic pogroms in 1938 which caused a worldwide outcry and, along with harsh laws, propelled mass Jewish emigration.

Germany Flag

The ninth historical event is the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The Berlin Wall become a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin. The Wall cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany, which includes East Berlin.

The barrier included guard towers placed along with large concrete walls, accompanied by a larger area (later known as the “death strip”) that included beds of nails, anti-vehicle trenches,  and other defenses. It makes me shivering when I think about it and when I visited the concentration camp in Dachau I had tears in my eyes.

Auschwitz and Buchenwald still remain as known where the name “concentration” came from the idea of confining people in one place because they belong to a group that is considered undesirable in some way. Nothing more to say.

Traditions of the Country

Christmas is a winter happening celebrated in Germany and other European Countries. The Advent Calendars are the popular calendars that count down the days until Christmas which originated in Germany. It was invented in 1908 and the children love to open 24 paper doors for treats until Jesus is born.

On October 3rd is the German Unity Celebration, the reunification of Germany in 1990, which is celebrated in Berlin for 3 days. The next famous event is the Oktoberfest which has evolved over the years from a simple wedding party of Prince and Princess Saxony-Hildburghausen and is now a 16-day festival held each year in Munich. Be positive to apply the German toast “Prost” when you lift your glass!

The Weather

Mostly it rains beer directly to your mouth and in a nice and tasty way with a Woman or Man wearing a Dirndl or Leather Outfit (traditional clothes) next to you. You will forget about the real temperature or think it is hot outside. Most of Germany has a temperate climate in which humid westerly winds prevail.

Although, Germany covers 357,021 km² of land, so obviously it has a reasonably wide variety of climatic conditions. Germany is known for having variable daily weather conditions so come prepared with sunglasses as well as a raincoat when visiting.

What We have to Explore Germany as a Traveler

As a tourist you can travel with Deutsche Bahn, you will love their punctuality and might start to swear in German words whenever you miss your next transit. Good luck. Or you drive by car and have a race, as it is allowed to drive at high speed on their Autobahns.

Germany Travel Guide
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But after eating a good German potato salad, which is served warm in Southern Germany featuring bacon, sugar, and white wine vinegar, you will be more relaxed about everything. In Northern Germany, the potato salad is served cold featuring a creamy base of mayonnaise. Really tasty. Popular German sausages include bratwurst, currywurst, bockwurst, and leberwurst, which you should try all at once. Why not? Ask for Sauerkraut, a pickled cabbage, because it is a typical side dish at the dinner table.

And the Wienerschnitzel, a thin, fried veal filet, is often a featured main course and fills your stomach. Traditional German desserts include black forest cake, stollen (a sweet yeast bread filled with nuts, fruit, and marzipan, the latter being a popular Christmas delicacy made from ground almonds and sugar. There are a lot more things to explore and you can ask the tourism office lady: Haben Sie (bitte) Infomaterial?

As I have mentioned Christmas before I should add as a tourism office lady, the Christmas markets such as Cologne in front of the Cathedral as they are tourist attractions now copied in other countries. Also, Neuschwanstein Castle and its connection with Disney & Micky Mouse are interesting. Then there are the picturesque villages on the banks of the Rhine say between Koblenz and Wiesbaden as well as Dreilandenpunt in the north. Can I go back to Germany and work now?

Five must-visit Places in Germany

I worked in Germany, in Munich for 6 months and really enjoyed it. It was 2005 and I was young and a real party girl liked to go watching the surfers at the Eisbach Wave and going to snowboard in the mountains nearby. I have also been at the ITB in Berlin three times and visited Berlin, Hamburg, and other cities in Germany.

Berlin: Berlin, Berlin at night. There is a lot of television gossip shows the capital city of Germany. Once a year there is the ITB, one of the biggest tourism fairs in the whole world. And you can still find parts of the wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the memorial to the murdered Jewish, the Checkpoint Charlie, the Alexanderplatz, and Fernsehturm. At night, bars and clubs open, if there is no Coronavirus.


Munich: Living there for 6 months and I must admit I could never discover all places as there is, so much to see. The Marienplatz, Viktualienmarket, the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace, the BMW world, the Olympia Park, and my friends there, just an amazing experience also the Hofbrauhaus. Try to find out more about the HB mascot.


Hamburg: Underneath the river Elbe, there is a tunnel you can visit and the harbor of Hamburg is much known as the Gateway to the World. Where can you meet prostitutes and strange looking people? Yes. In Sankt Pauli. The Reeperbahn is a well-known street and leisure district in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district, one of the centers of Hamburg’s nightlife and additionally the city’s most important red-mild district.

The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide in 2020 | Best Places to Visit in Germany 1

Sylt: It is an island and well known for the distinctive shape of its shoreline.  The Sylt belongs to the North Frisian Islands and is the biggest island in North Frisia… What is funny about Frisia? Otto Gerhard Waalkes is an East Frisian comedian and actor and you definitely should learn about his funny way of speaking and translating German into English. 


Dresden: The Semperopera is known and lots of churches with angels can be seen. Also if you listen to the Sachsen accent, it is a very unusual dialect they speak and everybody in Germany can recognize them. Munzgasse has a lot of restaurants and besides, there is Dresdner Castle as well as the golden Horseman which all need to be seen. Enjoy.


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