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The Flag – Switzerland

Switzerland Flag

History of the country

Even if history is in the past, it happened lots of years ago with Willhelm Tell, a shooting star, who kicked asses with an Armbrust (funny weapon) to impress his folks. Stories after stories can be told. The most important story is about some clever guys swearing on the Ruetli Hill to make a Helvetia confederation. Hurrah.

The Swiss federation protects the freedom and rights of the people and safeguards the independence and security of the country. How great is this? Swiss is neutral so please do not discuss it. Switzerland has the status of one of the world’s most stable economies.

Since 1848 the Swiss confederation has been a federal republic of almost self-governing cantons. Each canton has its dialect. Oh my god. And Switzerland has got four different languages, how we communicate in French, German, Italian and Romansh? Please forget about the dialects in every valley or you might get insane. But still, we are one country living in peace whenever we do not watch football. Then Swiss can be in the Roestigraben (two different parts).

Traditions of the country


The Swiss are crazy about their traditions and local customs. Swiss are mostly known as wealthy (money honey) and for sure we are because of cultural activities and living tradition. We have the famous wooden Alphorn (instrument number 1) and Schwyzeroergeli (instrument number 2) and the cows with their big bells waking up everybody asleep as they walk in the fields, the cows. Followed by their herdsmen and the yodeling choirs it is a Heidi World in which we live. For sure there is also Carnival or Fasnacht, parties in disguise and masks, in winter and also the street parade or lots of open-airs (music festivals) in summer.

You cannot imagine how proud Swiss is about Roger Federer and sporting events like Hornussen (hit a kind of stone) and Schwingen (kind of Wrestling or Sumoringen). Please google for these events, it is amazing to see it live. Food, wow, add Cheese and you are more than welcome. Fondue, Raclette or just Cheese, Wine and Walliser Roggenbrot (bread). Everybody will be your friend if you also know how to throw the Swiss flags the way that we do it at festivals. Please check the agenda before you arrive in Switzerland and ask real Swiss about traditions, they will take you directly to the event and you can never escape until you love it.

The Weather

Swiss people have lots of different kinds of clothes. Because in one day, you can experience sun, clouds, rain, and snow and you never know, because of the Atlantic weather fronts it can be cool and rainy even in summer. But mostly there is a moderately continental climate, with warm summers average highs around 25 degrees. And cold and dull winters, in January mostly freezing and cold, perfect for Après Ski. Before 2020 this happening was known as the big drinking parties and music after skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. And it is not forbidden to kiss (your glass).

What we have to explore there as a traveler

No question. Go and see the mountains and touch the snow. Form it into a ball and throw it against anything, depending on your insurance. For sightseeing, you have enough stuff settled down for you, like the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, walk on it but do not smoke there or burn it. It is wood and it has happened that it was on fire before. Please it is already done. Try something new.

Go take a train and explore Switzerland, but do not forget, as if you forget to get out you arrive either in France, Germany or Italy. Keep yourself awake, Switzerland is not that big but wow, every second you can see a new landscape on the train. There is endless beauty, not only in Swiss girls or boys. Rhine Falls and green forests and also amazing lakes, do not miss a thing.

Five must-visit places in Switzerland

  • Zuerich

Zuerich is not the capital of Switzerland, because the political capital is Bern, but the city is attractive with its famous Bahnhofstrasse, one shopping street stretching from the main station to the Buerkliplatz.

You can admire public art and great architecture along the street and find more than chocolate, watches and Swiss Military knives. Zuerich Zoo, the Swiss National Museum, Lindenhof (park), Grossmuenster (church) and the beautiful lake are some more spots to see in Turicum (old name of Zuerich).

  • Zermatt
Travel Guide

Zermatt is definitely a place to visit for nature-lovers and adventurers. The most photographed mountain in the world is the Alpine Peak Matterhorn (4478m) with the highest winter and summer ski region in Europe. The Matterhorn is also printed on the Toblerone chocolate package and the pyramid-shaped chocolate is not always easy to eat. But you should try as it is very tasty and gives you power like Ovomaltine, another chocolate brand. Ask for Schneewittchen in Zermatt and you might find seven dwarfs.

  • Lucerne
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Lucerne has long been a destination for tourists with its Chapel Bridge and lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstaettersee) surrounded by the mounts Pilatus and Rigi. The Swiss Museum of Transport is collecting old and new vehicles, planes and trains and much more. If you want to see a big lion do not be scared and discover the Lion Monument. Lucerne is also fantastic for Carnival during winter and its different summer festivals named Blue Balls.

  • Interlaken
Switzerland Interlaken

Interlaken is a swiss town in the canton of Bern and has three sweet mountains named Eiger, Moench, and Jungfrau. The marketing sells the Jungfraujoch (3466m) and the ice palace since 1912 under the name of Top of Europe. Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald can be reached from Interlaken and are amazing places. If there is no Coronavirus you can visit the lakes Brienzersee and Thunersee on ships eating Fondue or drinking wine. 

  • Montreux
Travel Montreux

Montreux is in the french part of Switzerland on the shoreline of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. Sometimes it looks like the sea, but unfortunately, it is not. But from the Airport of Geneva, you can fly internationally.

But first, stay in Montreux and discover the Riviera and its important wine-growing region. Freddie Mercury has its own monument at the most beautiful place in Montreux and Deep Purple recorded several songs and videos there. Another museum is the Olympic museum nearby, in the city of Lausanne. Take a boat or walk along the lake and you can also see the Castle of Chillon. Please try at least to speak once in french (voulez-vous coucher avec moi does not count).

Best trips

Of course, the best trips are with me. No doubt. I am originally from the canton of Wallis, the mountains. And I have traveled more than 60 countries, so my mind is open and I am flexible to other cultures and traditions. I also speak different languages. I am a tour guide everywhere I can guide you. Just let me know your wish and I will do my best to fulfill it and make mega hyper good feelings.

Apart from that, enjoy unknown places like the Valley of Loetschental or escape from big cities and go to Rapperswil or smaller places. If you can afford more than one visit, you are very lucky and maybe you will get a free Swiss Passport. I’m joking. Make the best out of it and plan which places you want to see, book a Swiss Pass by train, the easiest way to travel and check the schedule because punctuality is important in Switzerland like the sand in the desert. Trips will be best if you enjoy it and the best way to start to enjoy is to have money, yes, for sure, and fun in discovering something new.

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