Travel Guide of Japan – Another Amazing Destination in the World

Travel Guide of Japan

History of the country

To get some information about the history of Japan, you can surely ask Japanese, as they have the longest life expectancy in the world. They might tell you about ancient Japan such as the age of reform, or Medieval Japan (Kamakura period), early modern Japan (Bakugan system), and Japan during World War II. As well as emperors or political parties and prime ministers are an important historical topic.

One obstacle asking Japanese about history and legends, or the book of Han (dynasty) would be that 99 percent speak Japanese as their first language, maybe followed by some words in English. But often their English sounds similar to Japanese. My advice is to learn Japanese by buying a book named “Learn Japanese in 394815 days”. Hihi. Drawing this funny sign 笑 means LOL (lots of laughing).

Travel Guide of Japan

Be serious and severe again (Japan military strength), we come back to reality. Japanese history is divided into several periods, referring to the struggles that took place between the different clans for thousands of years. Most known intensive historical events are the US declaration of war on Japan in 1941 when they were attacked at Pearl Harbour and the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The year 1945 is the turning point in Japanese history and has shaped the whole government and international policy for the reason that occupation of Japan, the rewriting of their Constitution by a crew of foreigners, and the removal of their military. Since then, Japan’s economy has increased, to place it second in the world.

Traditions of the country

Japan is sometimes called the land of the rising sun because from China it appears that the sun rises from the direction of Japan. The Japanese people call their country “Nippon” or “Nihon,” which translated means “source of the sun.” Apart from that, the highly refined traditional arts of Japan include such forms as calligraphy, tea ceremony, ikebana (flower arranging), and gardening, as well as architecture, painting, and sculpture.

Sports also play a significant role in Japanese culture. Karate, Sumo, and Judo are traditional Japanese sports.

Japan Travel Guide

Japan is a huge country of contrast. You can find Cosplay and Manga’s (comic), play games all night in the Arcades, and on the other hand, find shrines and temples. Still, you can find Japanese girls wearing their Kimono, their national dress. It is a T-formed, wrapped-the front garment and is worn left over right side.

After I bought one Kimono for me, somebody told me I wore it wrong. By mistake (and after drinking too many sakes (alcoholic drink)) it was right over left. I was dead. My tourist way of Geisha finished soon after I was feeling cold because of the low temperature in Osaka, it was getting night and I was going out to some bars in touristic behavior. If you want to show up singing, go to Karaoke bars and if not, go too. It is a funny experience to drink, dance and sing with Japanese.

Ohhh…What is Gaywhat? Geisha are Japanese girls who entertain through appearing the historic traditions of artwork, dance, and singing and are distinctively characterized using their carrying of kimono and Oshiro make-up. Maybe for me, it was better not to wear any Japanese dress. 笑 ahhhh (say it Japanese way, please), do you remember? LOL. And so I did it, I went to a famous Wellness place, the Onsen. If you go to Japan, please go to women and men separated Onsen (bath, hot spring) without Tattoos on your body, because it is not allowed to visit most of those places if you are tattooed.

Something more special in my opinion and one of the interesting Japanese cultural facts is that crooked teeth are considered attractive. This faith is so deep-seated that girls commonly visit the dentist to have their teeth un-straightened. This might have been the reason why I was not lucky to have a Japanese boyfriend, Hihi (repeat the sign please), even if I dated one because of the Couchsurfing App, which is more and more known by Japanese Youngster to get in touch to foreigners.

The weather

Japan has a temperate climate with all four seasons, the far south is sub-tropical while the far north is cool continental. Adding to the large regional climate variations are the mountains, which cover most of the country, the huge Asian continent to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Despite being an island country, surrounded with the aid of water, Japan sees huge variations in temperature from summertime to winter, which is more characteristic of a continental climate. If you go to see the monkeys in the snowy mountains you will discover why they love to swim in the thermal Onsen bath outside.

Japan is functioned with many typhoons and rainfall is excessive throughout the country. Most of Japan receives a stated wet period in June and July.

Japan is made up of volcanic islands and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire; Japan is home to ten percent of the world’s active volcanoes. The country is highly fertile and mountainous, receiving many earthquakes during one year which sometimes lead to tsunamis.

What we have to explore there as a Traveler

Japan is the 10th biggest country by population and has greater than 6800 islands. The five main islands, from north to south, are Hokkaido, known for its nature and outdoor activities, Honshu the largest island with Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, Shikoku, known for its temples, Kyushu (mountains and volcanoes) and Okinawa. Please take a scenic railway, it is really beautiful to see the landscape, which differs a lot.

You can find snowy mountains (Fuji) and lakes, gardens, or big cities and say Hello Kitty. The Rail pass for tourists is a real great offer to travel the country. But you have to watch out, not all trains are included in this Pass. Mostly they stopped me trying to cheat. Hihi!!. It is not allowed and very uncommon to do something like me.

Eating outside or drinking on the streets might be not allowed at some places, also throwing garbage on the floor or not standing in the correct line, or passing another Japanese to go into the train before they go inside busy trains (some trains have reserved seats). I never got fined and I hope Karma will not find me.

Travel Guide of Japan

Transportation is very punctual, even 0.36 seconds late will not be tolerated by a Japanese railway boss. Sadly, a lot of Japanese were working lots of hours and sleeping in Mc Donald’s or other places, because they could not go home before their boss and so it was mostly the late night before they finished work. And I discovered that some Guesthouses and Hostels, where you sleep in a box, offer free Pyjamas to wear at night, because of this reason. 

Let us speak about the cherry blossom, which is an attraction for tourists and Japanese. And their food is delicious. Even convenience stores have got tasty food. I have never eaten better from a store than in Japan. Prices were not always in my budget and therefore I did eat also food from their stores, I must admit. But you should try Ichiran Ramen, or Sushi and avoid the killing fish, which if wrongly butchered and cooked, will kill you right away. I will not mention its name, because I do not want you to order it because of me. Hihi. LOL. Or 笑.

Five must-visit places in Japan

Japan has various fantastic places to discover. I was in Japan for 12 days and discovered and stayed overnight in Tokyo, Kamakura, Fujiyoshida (Mount Fuji), Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, and Himeji. I booked a Rail Pass in advance for Tourists and could use it for 7 days. Price around 280 Euro, depending on the date of purchase.

Tokyo: I arrived in Tokyo around 3 am and after a bus trip I directly walked to my Hostel, not to the Fish Market. The streets were safe and almost empty. I expected Tokyo to be different, but I cannot say that it is nicer than Osaka. This is a big tourist guide debate if you ask them which place is nicer or better or more Japanese.

Tokyo is the financial, political, and cultural center of Japan, and homes the seat of the Emperor and the countrywide authorities. Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the maximum popular places to go to Tokyo. Set your alarm top-notch early – locals endorse arriving at five am to seize the satisfactory buying/selling movement. Set your alarm super early – locals suggest arriving at 5 am to capture the best buying/selling action. During your day you can rent a Go-Kart and do a tour in funny dresses like a bunny or Hello Kitty costume.

There is also a Samurai Museum or you can go to Shibuya Scramble Crossing, it is outside the popular Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station. This exit became named after the most famous dog in Japan, Hachiko. Maybe later you may go out and eat a dog? Generally speaking, Japanese people do not enjoy eating dogs, but it is not illegal to eat the meat of a dog. Enjoy horse meat sashimi, another dish in Japan.


Mount Fuji: I pronounced it totally wrong when I asked for directions at the train station. But I arrived on the bottom of the Mount Fuji, which is the tallest mountain in Japan, at 12,380 feet. It is a volcano that has been dormant on the grounds that its final eruption, in 1707, but is still normally categorized as lively through geologists.

Mount Fuji is a form of the volcano called a stratovolcano. Stratovolcanoes are the largest volcanoes on Earth, and they form from the accumulation of cooled lava and ash. The mountain is the most important feature of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park (1936), and it is at the center of a UNESCO World Heritage location exact in 2013. The village of Fujiyoshida is small and you can walk to a hill opposite Mount Fuji to take pictures. Nearby is a lake and different places with shrines and temples.

Mount Fuji

Nagano: In Nagano, it was freezing in February 2020 and it was beautiful to touch and see the snow for me because I came from Oman, a hot country. Located close to the base of the Joshinestu Kogen National Park, the Jigokudani Yaen Koen (in any other case referred to as the Snow Monkey Park) is domestic to a very unique troop of monkeys. The park is inhabited by Japanese Macaques. Near Nagano, you will find several ski slopes here that are perfect if you fancy going skiing or snowboarding. There are a few idyllic days trips on provide here that allows you to see a less-visited side of Japan.


Kyoto: The contemporary phrase Sekai no Kyōto (“the world’s Kyōto”) reflects the reception of Japanese culture abroad and Kyōto’s own attempt to keep up with the times. Nevertheless, Kyōto is the center of traditional Japanese culture and Buddhism, as well as of fine textiles and other Japanese products.

In Kyoto, you can buy Kyoto dolls and chopsticks, washi (traditional Japanese paper) incense, ceramics, green tea, and other Japanese teas. Moreover, there is one way to see a geisha in Kyoto. There is a public theater called Gion Corner located around the middle of Hanami Lane in Gion. Every night this little theater brings traditional Japanese performing arts on stage.


Kamakura: Kamakura was the place, I wanted to stay longer. To enjoy the coastal side and the peaceful walk through the Komachi Street, stopping to sit and drink tea and enjoy the art and design of the shops. There is also a temple with big bamboo and beautiful flowers, such as a big buddha statue. In Kamakura, there are Hostels, where you can sleep on the floor like they traditionally did.

The Japanese have traditionally eaten and slept on the floor for a very long time. And they want to protect their culture and customs. Another cause why they sleep and eat on the floor is that the soft tatami mats don’t allow for heavy furniture due to the fact it might go away marks on the floor.


Biggest advice: Japan is a country to go (back), save some money, and try all food, eat more than 3 times a day because Japan is heaven for food. 

And if you have your dog with you please take a stroller.

Through this article of Travel Guide of Japan, I truly believe now you have a clear guidance when you travelling to this loving Destination. Here also you can discover the Travel Guide of Wonderful Switzerland.


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