TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips – Try these Today

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Have you ever checked popular accounts in Pinterest and questioned what are the secrets of these huge Pinterest accounts that have millions of monthly views and get massive page views on their websites on Pinterest.

So In today I will discuss with you the most current Pinterest marketing tips Which work equally well for bloggers, online business selling products and for ecommerce sites.

01.SEO Optimization for Profile & Boards

Pinterest is a search engine, but not a surprise for you If you’re refer my previous articles because I talk about this also previously. Pinterest is not just a social media platform, it’s a first and foremost most powerful Visual search engine. So users on Pinterest don’t just scroll down the field like they do on Facebook, on Instagram or on Twitter. People on Pinterest also do search queries over there.

So it seems very similar like Google and the most huge difference is that the outcomes have proven in the form of images. But most of the images on Pinterest have some kind of text description next to them and based on this text, Pinterest decides for which keywords it belongs.

And I’ll tell you honestly from my experience one of the most common mistakes I see in the accounts of most of the my clients is poor search optimization of the Pinterest board.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Because the title and the description of the boards to which you’re saving your pins is also very important factor, that helps Pinterest understand What your pin is about? So if you want to be successful on Pinterest you need to use popular key phrases (Keywords) in your board titles and don’t miss a chance to feature as many related key phrases in your board description on Pinterest. Because usually the board title doesn’t have that many characters over there. So you should include more keywords in the board description.

02.Help Users to Save Pins from your Site

My second best tip is make sure that your users can save pins from your site. Something that most of the people do not realize about virality on Pinterest, Is that original pins really? That means the pins saved by users from your site is a very important signal for Pinterest. If people really interested about your content so much, that they even bothered to save it on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Tips
Hi! Dear Friends, You can Save this Image to your Favorite Board in Pinterest.

It virtually have to be splendid content right and even though, a lot of people do not need to include a large Pinterest optimized image in their posts. But truly what difference does it make in case you include more than one smaller horizontal images or instead of them you include one Larger vertical picture for Pinterest, at the end of the post in case your image is optimized for web and it’s not too heavy. Then you can easily use it on your site and if you don’t add any image to the page, just because you think that it makes Page heavy and slow for Google maybe for Google SEO.

Then how do you assume that users are going to comment & share your content on Pinterest? So you have to sort of find a compromise and simply upload pictures of lower size or not lower size.

But let’s assume that are not so heavy Optimized for web, once they may be on your web page that allows immensely with them the number of original pins saved from your web site. So let me tell you some of the things you must consider for get extra saves from your web pages.

  • Always have at least one printable image in step with image.
  • Also make sure to add social sharing buttons to your site.

I’m actually using social pack plugin that’s what I recommend currently to all my followers and, because if you’re on WordPress that is the best in terms of optimization for Pinterest and It has a free version too.

The other thing that you want to have for your side is prefilled pin descriptions for all the images which you want, users to save from your targeted web page. And you have to make sure that those descriptions are optimized for Pinterest. What I want to tell you here that these descriptions have hashtags and all the keywords which you want to target on Pinterest and to include this Pinterest optimized descriptions to your images.

You can either do it manually through the HTML code by adding a data pin description element to every image which you want to be saved on Pinterest, or you could do it much easier if you use social pack plugin. It even permits you to feature the equal optimized pin description to all of your images which means if you have multiple photos according to web page, you can upload the similar text in one location under the web page. It’s like when you have Yoast SEO plug-in below the post you have got a field to fill the post title, SEO title and the post SEO description.

best pin

And then I love the Yoast plugin you will see a similar field for social pack plugin for pin description and then once you have it, set in the social pack plug-in when a user is saving some image from your site. They will see a long pin optimize description with all the hashtags and it’s much longer than you could add as an “ALT” description and, you also have to remember that out descriptions.

They have to be used for Google SEO and there should be much shorter and you should never include Hashtags, so in this example the plugin is doing automatically what you’ll have to do it manually. When you need to add this data to pin description attribute in HTML code of your image, so the plugin is doing this automatically and all your users have to do will just click on this social sharing button and it automatically substitutes or pre-fills the pin description.

If you have an e-commerce site, but it’s not on the WordPress platform it may be a quite more difficult to find some solutions similar to social pack plugin. Therefore you have to find and test other solutions available for your platform. And since a huge number of people use Shopify platform nowadays, I can tell you that for Shopify it will be pretty hard to add data pin description attributes to all of your product images.

However you can at least input the social sharing buttons including Pinterest Save button and there are some apps (paid) in the Shopify stores for this. You can just look for social sharing in the shop and you will see enough options to be able to choose from and a number of them even have free trial period. So you may try to see the way it works.

03.Create Attractive Click-worthy Pin Images

My tip number 3 is create clickable type in image. So the first thing you need to recognize about Pinterest, is that you can not simply save any image you have on your site already or, your own Instagram account Or, your own YouTube account. If you’re promoting this content on Pinterest for example Instagram posts are usually square, YouTube thumbnails are horizontal, and these types of image ratio are not going to work well on Pinterest.

At least the image ratio if you’re saving horizontal or square images will always be a disadvantage compared to the vertical images created by your competitors. Specifically for Pinterest recommended image ratio is two to three and in terms of image size, you should be creating larger images of about a thousand to 1500 pixels.

Because this is the new pin image size in Pinterest has been recommending lately and it also emphasized this recommendation over here use text overlay, because it adds context and tells people why they should ever click and visit to your site. And also there is some recommendation also about the text overlay, that your font has to be large enough and easy to read on even the smartphones.

And also you can find more details about what are the best practices to create a pin that suggested from Pinterest Official page.

04. Create Your Pins Using Canva  (Easy & Fast)

My tip number 4 is create attractive pin images using  “”. It’s an fast and user friendly online tool, so the tool I used to create most of my pins is not any kind of complex graphic design software. It’s not Photoshop even it’s a free & fast online tool called CANVA.

You can find it on google, and try the tool you can do pretty much everything with the free version of canva. I’m also using free version but if you need to create video pins, it’s better you should move to premium just because it allows to quickly create video pins.


05. Use Tailwind to Schedule your Pins

My last tip is schedule pins with tailwind to save your hours for other works.  And I also used this tool called tailwind to scheduled my own pins on Pinterest. You could have lists of boards on tailwind. You can schedule each of your new pins to be saved to five or ten applicable boards with intervals and it would take you a lot effort to keep track of every pine you already saved and about all the boards without tailwind.

Tailwind also indicate you the best time for saving pins, it’s the hours of the day when your audience mostly interacts together with your pins higher and Tailwind permits you to save pins within these better hours without having to actually log in and save the pins manually. Using details win especially makes sense when you have a big website with multiple pages, if you try to save each of your pins to several boards manually Pinterest will have to be your full-time job. But that’s not what you’re looking for in online business, right? It’s also tons better to have your pins scheduled with tailwind for a couple of different motives.

Tailwind Schedule

The first reason is because when you save your pins manually, you usually tend to do it in one session. For instance, you see for 20 mins and save let’s say 20 or 50 pins in a single session, however all your target audience doesn’t log in on Pinterest on the identical 20 minutes while you’re saving pins. So your pins will show up in their feed in this 20 minutes and by the time when they log in, there will be other pins from other people on top of your pins. So you want to use tailwind to save pins at more random times and spread them throughout the day.

And the second reason is why tailwind might be a better option than manual pins is because, it creates the so called original pins. When you repeat something manually, you actually make a direct repeat of your original pin URL and since about the middle of 2018 Pinterest has been very clear about direct repins. They said that they most consider direct repeats which are made by the content creator as family practice and they don’t recommend doing it and most of the people were using direct pins to improve engagement on their targeted pin URLs.

However actually that doesn’t really help interest to grow numbers. Tailwind technically creates original pins on your behalf from your site, it calls the application is going for your web page that’s connected to the pin and saves the pin from that page with your certain post title, and the post description. And so it kind of creates every time an original pin and that’s what Pinterest wants from us. Therefore using tailwind, you is might be absolutely retaining your account safe from Pinterest spam filters, which probably do not like listing pins made by the content creator that much.

Thank you very much for read the entire article “TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips” and here you can find our previous article about “Get Free Traffic from Pinterest in 2020“.


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