Top 05 Tips to know Before Going on a Cruise Today

Top 05 Tips to know Before going on a Cruise

Hope you are already refer my previous article on Best Tips for Taking your First Cruise Tour. Now I’m going to bring you five tips about, before you are Booking & Going on a Cruise.

01. Know where your Room is located on the Ship

Now imagine this you just spent a great day visiting in the Cruise with your family. It’s 11 o’clock and you’re all tucked in the bed. It’s peaceful, it’s relaxing. The kids are finally asleep and looking oh so cute in the bed and, then suddenly the band one floor below you, warm up and gets ready to play. So make sure to check out the plans of the ships this way. You’ll know exactly where your room is and what’s around it.

02. Know what’s already Paid for and what’s an Extra Charge.

Cruise ships have so many things to do from water slides to rock climbing, to Broadway shows, to watching movies and almost everything is included in the price of the cruise. But there are things to be aware of when you’re on a cruise such as being out at a club, dancing, and ordering a bunch of drinks with you and your friends and, finding out those drinks are specialty drinks and there’s an extra charge. Ordering room service is free, but there are items on that menu that will cost you extra.

going on a Cruise

As well as any trip to the spa, Spas are usually not included in the price of the cruise and all excursions and sightseeing tours are also an extra charge. Adding other expenses like mandatory gratuity fees for the staff and, it sometimes feel like money is just flying out of your wallet. In some cases more than doubling the cost of your cruise.

03. Plan to Arrive before Embarkation day

Some ports like New York Miami, Port Canaveral in Florida are absolutely huge and can be very daunting for a first-time Cruiser. It’s not unusual for travelers to get completely lost and completely confused. There are so many different boats, so many different cruise lines and, so many different docks that you could spend hours wandering around looking for your ship.

A first time cruiser may think their boat is the only one sitting at the dock waiting for them, where in some ports that can be up to 25 cruise ships sitting there and could be very confusing on where to go. So wouldn’t it be better instead of rushing around and being stressed on embarkation day to a book the hotel, the night before found out where your ship is, find out what time your docking procedure is, and have a nice relaxing night sleep.

04. Know Who’s on your Ship

Quite a few things to consider when booking a cruise. If you’re an elderly couple and don’t really want a lot of kids running around, perhaps booking at Disney Cruise during the summer is not the best idea. Cruise ships can also be a lot more crowded during those summer months .University students also booked a lot of three and four day cruises during spring break.

Know Who's on your Ship

So if you don’t want a lot of partying and drunk college student’s paint, we keep an eye out for those types of cruises. Besides those cruises you may want to avoid there are many that you might want to join like dancing cruises or adventure tours, things that get you out and about and have a lot more activities. Seniors cruises, singles nights or how about a culinary cruise where world-renowned chefs will hold cooking classes directly onboard. Sometimes as one group says it’s not about the cruise, it’s about the people who cruise.

05. Book your Shore Excursions Early

A lot of first time in beginning cruisers feels they can just board a ship and book their excursions from there. Well that’s true, most of the excursions will be booked well in advance and, you may have trouble getting the one you want and there are so many excursions to choose from beach locations, to hot-air balloons, to adventures on the shore. You want to book your excursion early to make sure you get the one you’re looking for.

Before going on a Cruise
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There are two types of excursions, those that are included with the Cruise ships offered by Royal Caribbean and Disney and those that are on the shore where you can book separately that really have nothing to do with the cruise ships themselves. They really are two distinct choices. Where Cruise Line excursions tend to be a little more crowded and a little more expensive.

They do offer something that the others will not. They are the only excursion that if something happens and the excursion is delayed getting back to the ship. The ship will wait for you, where if you booked it away from the cruise line you’ll be on your own.

I hope you enjoyed this article on five tips to know before booking your cruise, if you did please give it a like and share with your friends.


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