Best Tips for Taking your First Cruise Tour – Part 01

Taking your First Cruise

Let’s talk about cruising and we’re going to be 10 more tips and stick around at the end. I’m going to give you some tips that a lot of people don’t know even full-time regular cruisers when they taking their First Cruise. So stick around for that.

Tip Number 01

The first big change that I want to talk about is, cruise lines have suddenly started charging for Room Service. A few months ago except for maybe the region, most cruise lines would offer free room service and now there’s either a charge for certain items on the room service menu or they’re just out-and-out charge you say 795 for delivery. So if you’re a person like myself and not necessarily it’s like a big crowded dining room sometimes, I just want to sit out in my balcony and enjoy a burger one looking at the ocean.

 room service

It was great to have the free service option because anything in the dining menu came on the room service menu and now things are changing.

So that’s number one keep an eye out for that check your menu when you’re looking for rest of room service if you’re thinking about it and, if you know if you have room service twice a day and a seven of day cruise and it’s $7 at the time & it’s $14 for a day. Now you get the picture you’re just adding up more money and more money so watch out for that.

Tip Number 02

Number two is Insurance. I know a lot of people cringe when you talk about insurance you say nothing happens ever happens when I go on a trip. But it only takes one time, one single time. Now if you’re insane Canada you’re used to the free health service that we have here because most of it comes off of your tax like 40% of it is part of your taxes.

first cruise
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And you go on a cruise in the United States and you’re going on an excursion, or you’re riding the Flow Rider on the Norwegian or Oasis the sea, and your trip you slip and break your ankle or, you twist something you twist your back and you have to go to a hospital to get checked out.

If you don’t have medical insurance you’re taking thousands and thousands of dollars in Canadian dollars. We’re not talking like a $125 trip to the clinic. These can run you thousands of dollars. So if you’re going to have any insurance at all, I recommend inhalation in shares and trip interrupt insurance especially for cruises disproven to be so expensive sometimes if you’re booking asleep.

But it’s a very least get yourself medical coverage because if you don’t need it you feel like you waste your money. But that one time you need it, trust me it’ll make up for all the other times that you never needed it.

Tip Number 03

There are three packages on Cruise Line now have expanded. The last cruise I was on had 19 different options for my cruise for my great packages from water packages, the sort of packages, but wine packages to premium wine package is the hard liquor. There’s softer stuff to know name brands to you know bargain break, it was mind-boggling and I’m not a huge stranger.

I do like to have the odd drink on a cruise and just relax, but if I’m at a show or something like that. So three packages for myself don’t make a lot of sense, because I would have to drink sometimes nine hard alcohol drinks to make up for the price of the premium cruise package prices.

three packages

So to me, if I already have to that day why am I paying for nine so I just rather pay it as I go.

What I normally do is I normally know how much I’m going to spend on alcohol while I’m on the cruise and, I just put that money into my account when I check-in and that way it’s just like it. If I prepaid for my cruise I know that I put my money ahead in time to pay for those things. Ahead of time so I don’t get a chunk of money on my bill at the end.

It’s up to you if you are going to have a lot of drinks or if you want to if you’re a soda package person I drink a lot of soda myself sometimes. Those are quite worth it so check out the prices look at all the different options and figure out yourself exactly how much you’re going to drink because remember the drink packages are per person.

Tip Number 04

If you look online you see everybody recommends bring up power strip with you, look at what the cruise lines are starting to stop letting people come on board with power strip. They had numerous incidences where the power strips of clock fire because people just bring the ones that they’re lying around their house, they’re old, they’re afraid the wires are afraid, and they just keep plugging not only will they plug in all six places on the power bar but then they’ll plug another power bar into that one and it just gets ridiculous making sometimes.

power strip

You can kind of see the sense that the cruise lines are going now on all refurbishments going forward on almost every cruise line out there. They’re adding more power supplies to the cabin. They’re adding adaptors for your chargers, where you get USB ports going in. So they are looking to address all those things and if you want to bring a power bar, don’t bring the lowly strip one.

Buy a brand new one that plus likes the square that would plug into a plug in the wall and would have four outlets on it. They are far less likely to compensate that one than they are the longer power bars. They usually let the ones that plug into the wall go. They don’t necessarily let that long strip power bar goes and that’s a big change for a lot of cruisers.

Tip Number 05

This one is a big one for people and I know it’s a touchy subject as you know, if you’re a Smoker you’ve been smoking for thirty years you’re used to smoking on your balcony and stuff like that. On a cruise line, there is no smoking in your stateroom and there is no smoking on a balcony. And there’s a very good logical reason for it.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise and you’re on your balcony you know it can get quite windy, and windy is a bad thing because most people who are smokers tend to when you’re over the balcony instead of going in and getting a place to put up you. Well you’re sucking in the ocean right, yeah I know with you’re on a cruise and Wind is going you’re not flicking it into the ocean.

You’re flicking it further under the ship because the wind is blowing right back in fact 75% of all fires on a cruise ship are caused by people flicking cigarettes. So you can understand why they’re very strict about smoking in your room and smoking on balconies because you want to see something like this when you’re 20 miles away from the nearest port and you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean. So things like this do happen and they’re very varying of it.


So please if you’re going to smoke in the designated smokers’ zone, I know it’s a big inconvenience sometimes. But guess what it’s also for your safety as well as everybody others else with safety on the ship and not only that.

If you’re caught smoking on the balcony you can be kicked off the ship immediately and don’t think about getting a refund because you broke the rule on the ship. So keep that in mind if you’re a smoker smoking on the balcony can get you removed from the ship and if you’re on a 14-day cruise you’re smoking on the day, one you just lost $8,000.

So, here are my best 5 Tips for Taking Your First Cruise. Well, I hope you can gather more information from the entire if you could read it completely. And I hope to publish the second part of this article as soon as possible I can. Thank you very much & have an amazing vacation.

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