How to Write a Good Blog Post in 2020 – Even If You are a Beginner

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In today’s article, I’m gonna talk about how to write a good blog post from start to finish and keep your readers coming back time and time again let’s talk about it. Make sure you have to refer until the end of the article because I’m giving my best tip there.

Now one of the easiest and best ways to write a good blog post is to write about something that your readers want to hear about. And the best way to know what your readers want to read is to get the suggestions directly for them. If you’re already on social media and you’re talking to your audience or you’re writing blog posts already, usually they are going to respond to you with feedback about what they want to see here.

Now I know you might say I’m at the place where nobody’s talking back to me no one’s coming to commenting to me if I ask them they don’t tell me. But sometimes you kind of gotta read between the lines. Are they asking you specific things about what you’re sharing on social, are they asking you questions you never would have even imagined they want to hear from you?

Yeah, those are the things that you need to be writing about. Pay attention to your Instagram story replies are they responding more to one thing than they are to other things look at your comments on Instagram on YouTube underneath your blog post.

And if you just can’t get an idea from that make sure you check your analytics on Instagram and your blog. Those posts that are getting more attractions than others more than likely your audience likes them. So start to create some more content around those topics. Now once you’ve come up with ideas to write about.

Research the Topic

how to write a good blog post

Then you want to research your topic aside from getting my audience feedback one of the ways I like to research my topic is to do a quick google search on it.

The reason I do that is that I want to see what other articles there are out there and what people are talking about, what information are they giving and what information are they leaving. Because the point is you want to make sure that your post is ranking. So you want to make sure you’re filling that post up with a good juicy value that people want to read.

Now the next thing I like to do is also come over on YouTube and type my topic into the search here on YouTube. Because the same thing I want to see what people are talking about what type of information they’re giving and, how they’re giving value about that topic.

And so once I see that I think about how can I put my sauce on it right, I’m like okay they gave that information and I’m gonna give this. Because a lot of times people are vague with their information.

I’m not stingy. One thing about it two things for sure, I give resources and tools when I talk about things. So if they’re talking about a specific topic and they didn’t give you a tool to find it, I’m like yes I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna give it to my people the tool, you know to go with that. Because guess what I want to rank high in the Google search for my blog post I’ve obviously put a video and it’s attached to that blog post and, so I want to try to rank on YouTube and Google for that topic.

Outline the Post

Then I’ve done all of my research and figured out what my people want to know then I create an outline for that blog post. So I just simply go step by step on the things that I want to talk about in that post.

01. Create a Compelling Title


The first step in outlining that blog post is coming up with a blog post title now you may already know that the title is what gets people to click. You want them to see that title and say “oh my gosh, I gotta read that”.

So one of the things I like to do is to use a tool to make sure that I’m using headlines that are gonna capture people’s attention. One headline analyzer that I’ve been using for a while its Coschedule. Coschedule is a social media planning app that has this headline analyzer that you literally can put the title of your blog post in and it’ll give you feedback on whether it thinks it’s good if you should change it.

Like I really like it, but recently I found another head analyzer that I liked as well and it’s called Sharethrough and it’s the same concept you simply type your blog post title into the website and it gives you feedback on how you can make that blog post better. If you type in a blog post title it will give you a score for that title that you put in and if you don’t like that score you can try different variations and see if you like your score better.

Now after I come up with the blog post title then I break the blogpost down into sections. So basically I put the major categories in which I’m going to talk about within that blog post, and then I put subcategories underneath those. So what I’m doing these in-depth posts I like to make sure that my “H2” headings which not the title then you have your major categories. Remember I talked about the major categories, I like to make sure that some of my H2 headings are answering other questions.

Answer the Public

For example, in this blog post, I am writing about my blogging tools and resources. So within that post, I want to answer questions that people have around this topic.

Now, this is something that I have not been talking to my audience or they haven’t given me any feedback on it. I will go to a website called “Answer the Public“.

Now answer the public will give you questions around the topic that you type into the search. So I’ll typically take some suggestions from answer the public and use them in some of my headings and the blog posts just to make sure that I’m offering extreme value in that post. So for instance, in this blog post, I’m talking about my blogging tools and resources and someone may be asking favorite blogging tools or best blogging tools. You know I’m gonna make sure I’m using those terms in some of my headings in my post.

02. Find a Keyword

Now I strive to outline that post I like to find a good keyword. Now a good free site that I have been using is called uber suggest, and I will simply type my keyword and uber suggest and see what it comes back as. If it says easy that’s a keyword I’m good to go with and, if I don’t get easy on the first time I will keep playing around with that keyword until I get something that makes sense for my posts and that I’m going to be able to rank for.

And also I used Google Keyword Planner & Google Trends along with the for finding the best keywords for my blog post.

03. Write the Post

Then you write the posts one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to writing a blog post is to write how you speak. You don’t have to make sure you’re being all grammatically perfect and all this stuff. Write about how you talk.

However, just make sure you’re using good punctuation and grammar. A good way to make sure everything looks good and you’re not putting out stuff that has misspellings and everything like, that is something called Grammarly. It’s a Chrome extension that I use that literally, it will underline something and read if it’s not spelled right or, if it’s like and you know this phrase right here, this won’t. Grammarly is amazing because it pretty much checks your work for you as you’re writing.


Then you want to make sure that your blog posts are skimmable. What do I mean by that you want to make sure that it’s not just one long chunk of the text right? You want to break it up as I said before with headings and, bullet points and, number lists and things like that so that it’s easy to read. You all know we live in a society where people their attention span is not that long anymore.

So you want to make sure that you hook them with that headline with that blog post title and then it’s something that they can literally skim through to see if they want to take the time to read it all word-for-word.

And also make sure that you’re making your paragraphs shorts so that it’s not all jumbled together. Remember that a large percentage of people are visiting your site from their cell phone and so those letters can be really small and, so when it’s small and jumbled together that’s hard to read and they’re just gonna click off.

So keeping all that in mind I’d like to start my blog post over in Google Docs. This way I’m able to see the blog post, see the formatting, do everything outside of WordPress before I go and drop it all into WordPress. I don’t know something about it that me having an extra copy just makes me feel a little safer I don’t know what it is, but you can I’m typing it directly into WordPress.

One of the things I do like about joining that doing it that way is that you can go ahead and create your blogs one at a time if you’re using the new version of WordPress. You can create your blogs as you go.

However, you also can copy and paste it, and typically if you’ve done the formatting and Google Docs, it will keep that formatting once you paste it in WordPress but you do it. However, you prefer just go ahead and write your post now.

So after I’ve written my post I like to go ahead copy it over into WordPress and see how it looks there. I’ll typically go ahead and take a look do a preview of that blog post and see exactly what it looks like on my site.

04. Insert Photos & Graphics

Now from there, I will determine, where do all my graphics need to go. So that’s what we do next insert visual breaks like photos and graphics and anything that can help make your posts better and get your point across and add additional value to your reader. You want to add that in the blog post, so after I’ve previewed the post I’ll go back to my dashboard and start inserting some photos from my album.

Now for me typically I like taking my photos it depends on what the blog post is about if I didn’t take my photos I love to use for creating my graphics and also use for my post. They have a large library of free photos that you can use in your blog post and it works amazing.

How to Write a Good Blog Post in 2020 - Even If You are a Beginner 1

It works great because I also use CANVA to create my pinnable image for that blog post. You should create a pinnable image for every blog post that you do.

That is basically a photo that is conducive to Pinterest and people can take your blog post and pin it over there. Pinterest is a really good place to get traffic for your blog so you want to make sure that every single post you’re creating a pin that goes with your posts that can be pinned to Pinterest.

05. Link Other Resources

Now after I’ve inserted all my photos and graphics and everything like that, I’ll go ahead and add any links to other posts that might be valuable to the reader. So if they’re reading a post about my blogging tools and resources maybe they want to read a post about how to set your blog up the right way maybe they want to read how to create a blog or how to get traffic to your blog.

So I’m going to link all of those other posts inside of this post, any products or services I want to refer them to or, anything like that like I said that can add value to your reader and that’s going to make that reading experience for them that much better.

06. Share your Posts to Social Media

And then the one thing that I wish I would have learned so much sooner in my blogging career is to share your posts to social media. Share it so friends and family, share it on forums, share it on Facebook groups, share it on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram wherever you can. Now don’t be tacky about it but share your posts because no one is ever going to know you wrote something and, how amazing it is if you don’t share it.

share Social Media

That is one of the biggest mistakes I made, in the beginning, is not sharing my stuff. I would write these amazing blog posts from the heart and all this stuff and wonder why no one came to my site to read them.

You have to share your posts out. For people to come to your site and see them and once they’re there, they may see other stuff that they like, and then that’s when you blow up. You want to blow up you got to share your work with everybody.

So those are my tips to write a blog post from start to finish and keep your audience coming back. If you liked this article & you believe that, this will help you to succeed in your blogging journey share with your friends.

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