How to Use Pinterest For Business – 05 Simple Tips

How to Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is a free traffic generating machine. You want to know How to Use Pinterest For Business? and How to get started the engine of this machine?

Why Pinterest?

Before we jump to help interest works for business, let me show you really quickly surprising stats you probably didn’t know about Pinterest audience. From the stats you will understand why you need to learn Pinterest marketing.

  • Pinterest has over 250 million users worldwide of which 50% are in the United States,
  • 30% of all the United States social media users are on Pinterest,
  • then half of users (50%) on  Pinterest earn $50,000 or greater per year with 10% of interesting households making greater than a 125,00 dollars per year,
  • and then 93% of active pinners said that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and,
  • 87%  said that they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.
How to Use Pinterest For Business
If you are interest about my article, you can save this image to your Favorite Board in Pinterest.

So if you are selling any products your own or maybe affiliate products and you get a lot of Pinterest traffic your audience has the purchasing mindset. Which is great now if you must add about buyer intent on Pinterest,

So 50% of all people make purchases after seeing a promoted pin, I mean Pinterest adds here an average user on Pinterest has five times higher shopping intent than users on other platforms.

Then advertisers say that get $2 profit for every dollar spent on Pinterest on average.

And 40% of the United States households that are on Pinterest make over $100,000 per year. Accordingly why is Pinterest pretty amazing and why I think it’s better than any other social media platform and even than Google Search Engine.

01. Pinterest is Generous Sending Traffic Away

If you want to drive traffic and leads to a new website, so the first reason is that every piece of content you publish on Pinterest can be linked to your website. Why do I even mention this well because it’s not the case on some very popular social media platforms.

For example on Instagram you cannot link an Instagram post to your website from every image or every video you publish. You can have one link in bio on Instagram but that’s all. That’s why I personally get barely any traffic from Instagram at all

02. Pinterest is between SEARCH ENGINE & SOCIAL MEDIA

The second reason is that Pinterest is a combination of search engine and the social media platform and the coolest thing is that Pinterest took the best of the both relatives, by relatives I mean search engines and social media. So from a search engine, Pinterest took the keyword search ability and search engine optimization.

Visual Search Engine

For Pinterest is a lot more simple to understand and to implement than SEO for Google, that’s because Pinterest is still a younger platform. It’s is not as sophisticated at this point and Plus Pinterest is a visual search engine this means that you don’t need to write a two thousand word blog post to succeed on Pinterest like you do for Google SEO.

For example you only need quality images and good keywords in your pins in the descriptions or entitles of your pins and also on your boards well.

03. Viral Effect on Pinterest

Let’s look at the reason number three. I mentioned above that Pinterest took the best features of a search engine and a social media website. So the best part about Pinterest as a social media platform is the viral effect on your pins. I don’t know any other traffic source that will give you these incredible amazing traffic spikes for free and it will continue driving an amazing solid traffic to your website even when the pin lost the viral effect.

In the old times on Facebook you could probably get lucky and suddenly get a viral post that could drive your traffic for a few hours maximum for a day and viral effect. On Pinterest post never lasted longer than this well unless you were ready to pay for boosting your post. What I love about Pinterest is that a viral post can be viral for a lot longer than this and that you can actually revive your old viral posts with new pins and this will often work wonders with seasonal and holiday content.

How to Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest regular users in your audience will save pins with links to your content if they find it inspiring. Pinterest provides several ways for them to do it not only while you are on Pinterest. When they are browsing through your website they have two ways that Pinterest users can save your pins, either using the browser button over the image or using hover button on the site.

So this is how pins become viral the more users save them to their boards, the more users interact with your pins, and  the more people will see these pins in their feeds. This is a classical viral effect but it lasts so much longer on Pinterest. Did you know that the half-life on of content on Pinterest is incredibly long, guess how long it is 24 hours a week or a month? nope it’s about six months.

So if you publish something on Facebook and it doesn’t get traction in the first day it’s probably gone no one will ever see it again in the feed, but if you save a new original pin on Pinterest it can circulate and bring you traffic for as long as six months or probably more if it’s seasonal pins.

04. Succeed on Pinterest even as a Beginner

The reason number four why Pinterest is worth your effort on marketing your business is, because on Pinterest you’re the main authority of the age of your website. How many backlinks you have, and how detailed your content is none of these matters, and by the way you need all of this to rank high on Google.

The only thing Pinterest wants from you in exchange for this free traffic, you’re getting from the platform is a lot of quality pins images or videos doesn’t matter. So these can be new posts. Your pins can be linked to new posts. I understand that it’s difficult to create all the time new posts, so the other way around it is to create new pins for your old posts and you can create several pins for an old post to a bit a spam.

And also here you can read our previous article about How to use Pinterest as a Beginner.

05. Pinterest Loves Business Accounts

The reason number five is that business accounts on Pinterest are not only completely free to use. But they also get priority distribution based on the official statements from Pinterest representatives. So Pinterest calls business account owners as content creators and they treat us as someone who is capable to produce a lot of quality and fresh content for their plot platform.

This is why new pins linked to your verify domain, according to Pinterest are getting priority distribution in the fields and in the feeds, not only of your followers. But  also in many other ways to larger audiences which have similar interests if we compare this with how Facebook works.

For example while on Facebook they made it pretty clear that they will always be a network that connects users with their friends and family and, so the content distribution is prioritizing what your friends and family published not what businesses or bloggers are publishing on Pinterest. They use the opposite principle that they want to connect users with businesses and fresh content creators.

So this means they prioritize content from business accounts as an online business owner. You might want to mark it on Pinterest to get the following results.

  • To drive more targeted traffic to your blog or website
  • To get huge number of subscribers to your email list
  • To get leads to sell your own products and services
  • To sell affiliate products,

Well you can even use direct affiliate links with a disclosure on Pinterest. Of course if your affiliate program itself allows traffic from social platforms.

How to Use Pinterest For Business

So these were the five reasons why I think you have to be active as a marketer on Pinterest, as for the details of how to actually get the traffic from Pinterest. I have a question for you I wanted to know what is the main thing you cannot figure out about Pinterest, let me know in the comments below.

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