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Do you hate your self? And do you know How to Stop Hating Yourself? Hey everybody! Today I want to talk to you about bridge statements, and how they can help with our self-worth and confidence. We hear it all the time, you just have to believe in yourself or say some positive affirmations every day. It’ll make you feel so much better or one that I mentioned pretty frequently is you should talk more nicely to yourself because it can improve your mental health.

While all of this stuff are true and that they can, in fact, help us feel better approximately ourselves.It can be hard to go from “you’re so stupid and lazy” to “you’re amazing and so good at everything”. Because suddenly saying some positive a thing just isn’t going to work. Definetely, we can say it but, we aren’t going to trust it. Therefore we are not going to keep doing that. It can experience like a waste of time and admittedly stupid.

how to stop hating yourself

Since we know speaking extra kindly to ourselves is key to preventing stress, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, and lots of different mental health issues. How are we able to change the manner we talk to ourselves without feeling like a total fraud? And this is in which bridge statements come in.

They bridge the gap between the negative and sometimes downright nasty thoughts and the positive ones, and here’s how they work. Instead of feeling the need to say something wonderful and positive like “I love everything about my body and I’m beautiful and amazing”. We could start with a bridge statement like “It is possible that I’m not as ugly and fat as I think I am”, It’s possible. Bridge statements live in the possible, the clouds, and the maybes. We don’t have to think we are wonderful and amazing but we do have to start opening ourselves up to the ides that our negative thoughts could be wrong!

Because here’s the thing, thoughts are just that. Thoughts are not facts. They are not based in research and they are most certainly not unbiased and just because we have thought over and over, doesn’t make it true. But because we tell ourselves these nasty things so frequently, often spending most of our day thinking them it could be hard to fight back against them. It’s almost like these thoughts have formed a deep rut over time making it really easy for them just to slide right into our brain.

And the new positive thoughts are going to have to take this really rough unpaved road in and that’s why it could be so hard to think them let alone, believe them. And even knowing all of this can still make doing it difficult. So let’s come up with a few bridge statements to fight back against what I think some of the most common negative thoughts are.

01st Bridge Statement

And so number one, if our negative thought is “I am so ugly and no one likes me”. Let’s try, it’s possible that I may not be as ugly or as unlovable as I think, It’s possible.

02nd  Bridge Statement

And number two, “I always do embarrassing things” here from a lot of you, this is how your anxious thoughts get going. So our bridge statement is maybe not everything I do is embarrassing, not a hundred percent of it, I could maybe do something somewhat normal Sometimes. Maybe, right?

03rd  Bridge Statement

And the third bridge statement I want to try it, let’s say the nasty thought is “I am so fat and stupid” We’ve all thought that, at one time or another. The bridge statement could be I’m open to the possibility that I could maybe not be quite as fat or ugly as I think. These are sometimes easier to come up with. Do you guys agree?

04th Bridge Statement

And the fourth one I want to try out, just the last one, is “I don’t deserve to be loved or happy” That can be a hard one to overcome. Right? So the bridge statement could be, that I could, at some point, in the future be lovable and happy, maybe sometimes. We don’t have to put a definitive time on it. We don’t have to believe it wholeheartedly that it’s happening now, but in the future, this could happen.

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And now I want you to really give it a try if you have those same thoughts, I want you to come up with different bridge statements and the ones that I came up with and keep track of the three to five most common nasty thoughts that you have. And, instead of spending all your time trying to argue back with a radically positive thought.

Let’s try some of these bridge thoughts. Maybe once you have a couple of bridge thoughts to start with we can work closer and closer to the positive thought.

For example, if our original thought is “I’m so fat and stupid” and the first bridge statement was “I’m open to the possibility that I maybe not quite as fat or stupid as I think” then we can build on that and say “I’m not quite as fat or stupid as I used to think” and then into maybe “I even look okay to some persons, and some are imagine that I might be genius and I sincerely don’t mind about my body, as much as I used to.”

You can see where I’m going with this how one bridge statement can build on to another and then keep building that bridge all the way from that negative thought. To that radically positive one and maybe that’s a thought that we never even believed we could think. Give it a try.

Let me know what you think. Do you like bridge statements? Have you used these before? I think this is something that could really benefit us all, and I overall just hope that was helpful. I know changing the way we think is really hard and it takes a lot of practice. But just trust me if we make an effort each morning, or night, or both, if we’re feeling really inspired. We will start to feel better. So give it a shot and I will see you next time. Bye!

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