How to Reduce Monthly Expenses | Easy 10 Ways You Can Follow

Reduce Monthly Expenses

Hey! Guys welcome back to the blog. Today, I’m here to getting ready to do my budget for the month, and me kind of wanted to talk about How to Reduce Monthly Expenses and Lower your Budget. Maybe at the moment you are in your journey and you’re ready to work from home or you’re just trying to get your expenses down. Because you want more money to live your best life. I’m going to give you some tips today that will help you be able to do those things.

01. The first thing is Cell Phones.

Cut your freaking cell phone plan. Cell phones can be so expensive like I don’t know about you but, I’m there have been times where I’ve looked at my bill and I’ve seen all these additional charges, all these additional state tax are like something they couldn’t even explain to me on the phone.

How to Reduce Monthly Expenses | Easy 10 Ways You Can Follow 1

So guess what, I decided to switch over to a prepaid plan still with a major cell phone carrier and put my bill in half. I still currently have my iPhone 6 plus with unlimited talk insects and unlimited data with a major carrier for half the price I was paying before. So if you’re looking to save yourself $50, $60, $70, $80 a month possibly depending on how many phones do you have on your plan. Consider, switching to a prepaid cell phone plan and, just pay for your cell phone outright to get rid of that cell phone bill.

02. Next Cable.

Let me tell you what I decided that, I was able to snip the cable. Guess what you can do as an alternative you can watch TV on YouTube, you can get Netflix for a low monthly cost, you can use show box if you have an Android phone, you can get yourself a fire stick and there are so many ways around pam for this expensive cable. Consider that, when you’re trying to reduce and lower your monthly expenses.

03. Shop around for some better Car Insurance

Car insurance is something that we must-have. I absolutely understand that but, you can always shop around for a better price. Sometimes if you’re with these big major carriers you can be paying more than you probably need to pay or you have coverage on there, that you probably don’t necessarily need. Consider going to somewhere like AAA that can match you with smaller insurance companies. That will still be able to offer you those same types of benefits that you get with those major insurance carriers. So consider reducing your interest for your car insurance.

04. Refinance your Car

Next how about you refinance your car altogether if you’re financing. A car payment is not a joke. Do you hear me not a joke? They can eat up a large portion of your monthly bills. Consider, refinancing through a local credit union or maybe even your bank could offer you a better interest rate than what you have now. If you’ve been working on your credit or you know that your credit is in a better position consider refinancing your car.

05. Next Cancel Memberships.

How to Reduce Monthly Expenses

So I don’t know about you but I absolutely love all the Amazon products. I absolutely love them but when things get tight they got to go. That’s including Amazon, those gym memberships, Netflix whatever type of memberships that you have that are not a necessity right now in your life.

But you need to reduce those expenses consider cutting all the memberships that you have. They’re not necessary and I’m pretty sure you can do something in replacement to those memberships that you have.

You can workout at home look up some memberships on YouTube, you can go to the library and rent a book if you have audible you know, you can do stuff in place of those memberships. So, cut it.

06. Reducing your Rent or your Mortgage

Next, you might need to consider reducing your rent or your mortgage. So if you live in a rental community and you live in say a three-bedroom apartment and you know that things are changing you lost your job or you’re trying to stay home and you need to do it for a cheaper amount. It might be worth it to go and speak with your landlord about getting into a two-bedroom or maybe even a one-bedroom apartment until you can work things out.

Sometimes there may be a fee for transferring and things like that but, you got to do what you got to do. So make it comfortable for you to go on your new journey that you want to go on. And if you have a mortgage why not be violent finance that mortgage as well. So consider changing your living environment now.

07. Eating Out

Eating Out

The next one is completely something I had to get used to. I had to tell myself cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it girl. I needed to cut it and that is eating out. Oh my gosh! You guys, I used to look at my debit card transactions and, see the amount of food on my bank statements and literally be embarrassed. So eating out was something that I had to adjust to.

Because I just love food and so that’s something that I really had to negotiate with myself about. It was like, all you can eat out once a week. That’s on the weekends when you’re with the kids or whatever, but you need to stop swiping your cards. Cook at home and it’s much cheaper anyway to go in just buy your own food prepare it at home and be done with it, cut that eating out.

08. Reduce Grocery Bills

And that leads to reduce your grocery bill right. So there are so many ways that you can reduce your grocery bill and if you cook at home like, I said before you will reduce that eating out expenses.

So there are a lot of grocery stores that do this buy one get one free you can use coupons, you can shop on sales, you can buy seasonal produce that is cheaper than normal produce. So you can do so many things to reduce the amount of that grocery bill. When you reduce the amount of that grocery bill and you stop eating out girl, pack your lunch, make your dinner the night before girls. I know it’s convenient to eat out, but you have to stop eating out and reduce your grocery bill.

09. Next Stop Drinking Fancy Coffee

We all love coffee and it’s amazing and all the extra caramel and whipped cream and all the drizzle and all that good stuff we just love it. I live a fantasy cup too. However when you’re trying to reduce those expenses seven, eight, nine dollars every day or every other day and coffee it really just adds up. Goes out buy yourself, curate guys, I absolutely love mine I used my nice organic pots on in there. It’s really good and that coffee tastes just the same as if I would have bought it in the store.

Just get up a little bit early, five or ten minutes early, and make your coffee. Buy yourself some caramel whipped cream whatever it is that you like in your coffee and do it at home. you would be surprised that the amount of money that you save when you stop going to frickin “Dunkin Donuts” and “Starbucks” and all these other fancy places every day.

10. Do your own Nails, Hair, and Makeup

How to Reduce Monthly Expenses

Last but not least do your own nails, hair, and makeup. All that stuff that we spend money on paying other people to do it and it is very convenient. Now unless you just absolutely do not know how to pull yourself together, you need to consider joining your own hair, join your own nails, and everything like that.

I would love me some nice bundles in here right now. But it’s not in my budget. So, what she did is put in a nice ponytail and she still looks cute. Go to the store buy your own nail Supply stuff, do your own manicure and pedicure at home, put your hair in a ponytail, do your own makeup. Look at some tutorials online that’s how I learned. To be honest we have to think about the things that we don’t necessarily need. Even though we feel we need like nails and hair and makeup and all that stuff. Consider doing it yourself at home.

So that’s it those are the things that I think you should absolutely cook cut it out where you are trying to reduce those expenses. I know there a lot of them can be luxuries and we like to do it but when you’re trying to be at home and especially at the beginning of your journey and it’s kind of like the unknown, my personal advice is to reduce your bills down as much as possible. That’s my number one advice, so reduce your bills as much as possible.

Consider doing some of these things and save yourself up some money and save yourself some headache of wondering how you’re going to pay this or how are you going to pay that if you’re not in the best position right.

So yeah that’s all you girl got today about How to Reduce Monthly Expenses, do me a favor and share this out with a friend or family member or somebody that you think would find this information useful and also share it out on Facebook or Twitter. I would really appreciate it that I am going to be doing so much better with uploading more articles here on the blog for you guys. Go ahead over here and read my other article of How to use simple Apps for Money Management that helps for Women. It’ll be around here somewhere and I will meet you over there. Bye! Guys.


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