How to pack light with Travel Carry on Only in 2020 – Try these Simple Tips

My travel packing hacks

Today I’m sharing with you about my tips & hacks for How to pack light with Travel Carry on only. I’ve been traveling the more than 20 countries for the past two and a half years but what some of you may not know is I’ve been doing that with carry-on only. I know a lot of people find it difficult to travel even for like a week with only carry-on, but I’ve been doing it full-time and I promise you it’s easier than it sounds.

Minimalist Packing Tips and Hacks

So I’m going to break it down for you in this article and share with you exactly what I bring and some tips on how to pack more efficiently.

My Tip Number 01

But first I want to start with what I actually wear while I travel. I want to be as comfortable as humanly possible and, I want to be able to fall asleep within minutes. So I’ve been wearing this looming gray outfit while I travel, my last couple of trips and it’s been amazing these pants specifically the Upstate pants. So important to have really comfy pants especially because, I don’t know sometimes you want to like stretch, you want to get comfy and you do not want to be in like tight constricting clothes, so lightweight soft and it’s better good decision for sure.

How to pack light

My Tip Number 02

And another tip is always make sure that you bring a Sweatshirt with you because a lot of like trains and buses and planes can get really cold. So you want to be able to layer have a t-shirt underneath just in case it’s really hot out. But always been a sweatshirt or a layer to throw on in case you get cold.


My Tip Number 03

Okay and without further do, let me show you what I pack. I travel with a small suitcase, a backpack in a small crossbody bag. In the suitcase I pack all of my clothes. So I usually pack around 10 to 15 dresses maybe a skirt with a crop top and, if I’m going somewhere cold then maybe a pair of pants and a couple of shirts.

I’d recommend rolling your clothes if you want to prevent wrinkles, but it’s kind of like playing touches I just put things where there’s space for them. I also bring a backpack with me that can fit more than my crossbody bag can. On the other side I’ve got two active outfits including sports bras and tops, and leggings, a pair of pajamas, a bathing suit possibly one or two more if I’m going to a beach location. A light jacket, a small pouch for my underwear and socks, heels if I need them for that trip.

How to pack light

And also I wear sneakers on the plane, I forgot to tell you that as well I always wear my bulkiest shoes in the plane and sneakers are usually bigger than everything else I have. And they’re really comfortable as well. Next I pack a pair of flip-flops, and sandals, and all my shoes I put in cloth bags that can be washed to keep everything else clean. Then I’ve got tripod, cloth laundry bags to divide my dirty clothes, and whatever book I’m reading at the time and that’s it in the suitcase.

My Tip Number 04

Next up is the backpack and it’s really important for me that, I have one that’s padded and comfortable. And the main things I keep in there are all my electronics.


In this padded removable section I’ve got camera lenses, chargers, extra batteries, my gh4, a GoPro, drone controller, and hard drives. In my backpack I also pack my drone, Chromebook, laptop, charger, all of my liquids and a TSA approved toiletry bag , so it’s easy to take out at airports any non liquid toiletries in a separate bag.

My Tip Number 05

Another Small pouch for my in-flight essentials. A universal adapter and my bras. So that they don’t lose their shape in the suitcase. I keep my electronics in my backpack just in case I’m forced to check in my suitcase if the flight is full, that anything fragile always stays with me. And last but not least in the crossbody bag,  I’ve got my sunglasses in a case, my wallet, sony rx100, my phone with its charger, headphones, hair ties, lip balm, and my travel documents. These are my most reached for things, so I keep them easiest to get to and that’s it.

small pouch

I hope that’s seeing this has inspired you guys to travel a bit lighter and maybe try going on your next trip with carry-on only. It’s just so freeing to bring less stuff with you and especially when you travel. I feel like I’ve recently had this realization that when I travel it just doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing and what I look like. I’m not going somewhere to dress pretty while I’m there. I’m going somewhere to experience the place, and the culture and learn something well in there.

Packing Tips and Hacks
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I love my pretty dresses but the number one thing for me is comfort and ease, and I don’t want to bring a million different outfits and a million different shoes. I want to have exactly what I need and nothing more and I promise you if you go on your next trip and pack lighter, you won’t even miss the stuff that you didn’t bring. Think about it how often do you pack and not use like 40% or more of the things that you bring with you. So just don’t bring those things with you next time.

Minimize what you have with you while you travel and you will realize that you need so much less in life than you think you do. Thank you so much for read the entire article of How to pack light with Travel Carry on Only!

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