How to Create a Blog on WordPress – Best Step by Step Guide in 2020


Hey everyone, I’m Shehan from and in this article, you’ll learn How to create a blog on WordPress step by step that I used to start a blog.

At the present, you don’t want any coding skills to start a blog and even no technical skills are required. All you need to do is: follow along this step by step process to create a blog, and after refer this article, you’ll be able to create your own professional blog.

Before we get into the step by step process of creating a blog, you need to understand what you’ll require for starting a blog. To start a blog, you need essential 3 things.

  • A domain name
  • A hosting server, and
  • A blogging platform,

Where you’ll write your blog posts or manage your front end of your blog.

First understand what is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the way of telling people to where they can find your business on the internet. It is like a physical address of your website or blog. For example, when you type in your web browser, it loads a website whose name is “Anjihow”.

So Anjihow is a website and is its domain name. Consequently think of your business and consider what will be your domain name should be,  because you’ll need it. Alright, the next thing you’ll need is a hosting server.

So what is a Hosting Server?

A hosting server is basically a renting space on the web where all the files (including images, videos, text, html, codes, user details etc.) of your blog or website is stored. Having a hosting server is a must. In other words, without web hosting server, there can’t be blogs or web sites on the web.

And 3rd one is Blogging Platform

This is a place where you manage your blog. Each and every change to your blog is made from the back end. In the back end, you need a Content Management System(CMS). The Content Management System for blogging is also called a Blogging platform. Now, that you know all these terminologies, So let’s get started with the step by step method to creating our new blog.

Now Let’s see How to Create a Blog on WordPress

The first step to developing a blog is finding a reliable web hosting company(Service Provider). There are many hosting providers available in the market and a few are extraordinarily cheap as properly. But cheap product doesn’t always imply it’s a high-quality product. Most of the people pick out reasonably-priced web hosting provider to keep cash, and later they regret. I made the same mistake when I started out, and transferring from one web host to another until I found the best of the best option of SiteGround.

SiteGround offers high quality hosting service at very reasonable price. And on top of all, you get very high speed hosting server that loads your website very fast. Since blog or website loading speed being one of the top Google ranking component, I highly recommend you to select SiteGround over different web hosting providers due to the fact this’ll prove to be a crucial factor in assisting you rank higher in Google. Now that you identify which website hosting provider should select, let’s continue with your blog set up process.

Okay, now let’s begin to create a professional blog step by step easily.

Sit Ground Home

First of all, go to SiteGround homepage & now, you have to choose one of these hosting types. Each of those have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you shouldn’t fear about them as long as you need a WordPress blog. Since we are beginning with WordPress, we’ll select Managed WordPress hosting. Therefore click on Get Started button and this will take you to the pricing breakdown page where you’ll have to select one of the plans suit for you. SiteGround usually offers 3 types of plans that you can choose from them – StartUp Plan, GrowBig Plan, and Go Geek Plan.

The StartUp plan is really suite for single website, while on the other 02 plans of GrowBig and GoGeek plan you can host unlimited domains. However, every plan comes with essential WordPress features like FREE WordPress installation, Free SSL and HTTPS, FREE CDN and many more premium features that come at no additional cost to you. All you need to pay is the price for the hosting plan you choose and you’ll get additional tools and addons for FREE. Selecting the right hosting plan depends upon the number of websites that you need to host on your server.

Since we are just beginning to our blog journey, we need StartUp plan where one blog or website can be hosted easily. And I highly recommend that, because this will not only lower down the total cost but also you’ll be able to save more money. And I don’t want you spend extra money when you are beginning out. So pick StartUp plan because if you ever want to add more websites in future, you can easily upgrade to a better plan later.

The next step is to select a domain name for your new blog. If you have got already registered a domain name, you may select the option which says “I already have a domain” after then input your registered domain name and click Proceed. However since we’re beginning out and we don’t have any domain name registered yet, we’ll select the first alternative which says “Register a new domain”. Now type a domain name you want for your blog and pick the domain extension what you want.

How to Create a Blog on Wordpress – Best Step by Step Guide in 2020 1

Okay, now suppose we are going choose as our domain name. So we’ll type anjihow in that box and choose the domain extension “.com” from there. You can select other extensions as well if you want. But I highly recommend a “.com” because that’s more professional. And now click proceed, since is already registered, it’ll recommend you to choose other domain extension.

Okay, let’s select .net or whatever you want and now click Proceed. This will take you to the next page in where you need to review all of the records and complete the process. Now, fill out all the information that request to create your SiteGround account. This could be required whilst you’ll have to login to hosting account later. Therefore select the right e mail, password, and other information which includes your payment details.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress

After that there you have to confirm the plan once again, choose data center from one of those places and time period whether you want to purchase for 01 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months as your wish. I would propose you to select 12 months or more due to the fact that’s the way you’ll be able of get maximum discount. You can see with a single month plan, the set up is not free of charge and you need to pay additional amount for this. But if you choose 12 months plan, the setup is completely FREE and you’ll pay only $3.95 per month. So you’ll save this extra amount, and that’s great.

If you scroll down, you’ll see option to pick other addon services but I would avoid these because you don’t need to pay for those addons at this time. Finally, read their Terms of Services and Privacy Policy and tick the check box to verify that you have read it. If you want to get their email newsletter and promotional emails, you can tick the check box as well or you can keep this unchecked if you don’t want.

And finally Click Pay Now button, this will deduct the amount from your debit card or credit card and your hosting account will be created. This may also take some seconds and then you’ll see this success message “Your account was successfully created”. Now click on Proceed to Customer Area and this will take you to set up your hosting account. There you need to choose how you’ll setup your website or blog.

wordpress software

When we are starting to create a new website, we’ll select the first option and then it’ll ask you to select software to install on your server. If you want, You may select other software as well. But since we are beginning a blog and WordPress is the excellent blogging platform, we’ll only pick out WordPress for installation.

And after that we need to enter our WordPress login details. This will be used to login to your WordPress blog admin panel. You should enter an Email, Username, password, and then re-type password and click confirm. Once more if you scroll down, you’ll be asked to select an addon to your blog, but I would avoid that because I don’t need it.

So keep that unchecked and then Click Confirm. Before we complete the entire setup process, we need to tick the check box for confirming that we’ve got read and confirm to terms of services and privacy policy and in the end click, complete setup. Wait couple of seconds for the setup to finish and also you’ll soon be ready up with your new WordPress blog. Alright, now, your account is prepared to use. Click on Proceed to Customer Area and then you’re finished.

blog admin panel

And now, you can check if our domain is live on the web? So you have to input your newly purchased domain in new tab of your browser and press enter and now you will see it. If you done all the steps accordingly, then it’s loading perfectly. But right now design isn’t better and we’ll need to make some modifications within the layout. For which you need to get log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

You can without a doubt add “/wp-admin” to the end of your domain name and this can take you to login area, enter your WordPress username and password after and then click login to get access to your WordPress dashboard. Now Click on Start Now, and then you’ll be asked to select a theme for your blog. WordPress Platform has a huge number of FREE themes as well as Premium.

Astra theme

I use Genesis by Astra which is a free & very light theme and I’ll choose that one. But you can choose any other free or premium theme if you like. Click confirm and then it’ll recommend you to add these plugins – that’s because these hosting companies are paid to promote those plugins. But you don’t want them now, therefore click on continue, we don’t want advertising and marketing services right now. Then click on complete. This will set up the theme, and within few seconds your new layout will be ready. Done, it’s ready now.

After click on, view site to test the way it looks. Wow! It seems wonderful. You can see now we’ve got a better design, so we can start our own blog from right here. But since it has got some dummy blog post there, so we need to trash these post before we start adding our new blog posts. Therefore hover over my Blog in top left corner in your Blog and then select dashboard to go to your admin area. Now this is your back-end area.

wordpress dashboard

After that go to posts, then all posts. There are all the dummy posts that we saw earlier preview. Select all these, and click on the drop down to choose “move to trash” and then click Apply. This will delete all those dummy posts. Now click on “Add New” to, start adding your own blog posts and now you are ready to start blogging perfectly.

Write your first blog post and once you have finished writing your blog post, you can click preview to preview how it looks on the front end. If you are satisfy about your blog post, the you can click publish. And if you want to make changes, you can do so as well.

So that’s the way you can start a blog.

If you followed my step by step method for starting your blogging journey, you might have got your professional and attractive WordPress blog already. Hope you found this article helpful. If you interest about my article please hit the like button and share with someone who you think might get benefited from this article.

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