Get Free Traffic from Pinterest in 2020 – Follow easy 07 Rules

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Get Free Traffic from Pinterest

Before you ask me if this traffic source works only for bloggers, I have to tell you it works great for eCommerce sites in most of the niches too. Just keep in mind that Pinterest is usually used for inspiration and, the majority of the users on this platform are still female. Are you ready guys?, then let’s start to find how to get free traffic from Pinterest.

So it is genuine that during a few niches like recipes, presents, home decor & vacations you can get a massive amount of site visitors from Pinterest. And you will have to monetize it obviously with adds, but in business-related niches you will probably get lower traffic, but you can monetize it with promote your consulting services or your own products or higher cost affiliate products.

Now let’s will see what are the best strategies that you can use drive traffic to your website or blog using Pinterest.

Free Traffic from Pinterest
We invite you to save this Image to your Favorite Pinterest Board. Thank You.

Rule #1 – Never Use Personal Account

If you want to get traffic from Pinterest, the first rule is never used a personal account for this. Because your account might be easily suspended and only business accounts should be used to promote the Websites. And make sure to verify your domain on Pinterest Business Account.

Rule #2 – Don’t Ignore Rich Pins (They are Powerful for SEO)

If you can not do this from the first attempt for whatever technical reason. I just encourage you do not give up on that. Try to get in contact Pinterest support center and don’t just forget about the rich pins because they are now not a few accessory to your Pinterest account. I strongly believe that without rich pins your pins are at disadvantage compare to your competitors, because you don’t have the additional keyword reach information that comes with your page SEO title and description.

Rule #3 – Build Your Own Board

One of the popular tips you could find in other articles about Pinterest marketing is trying to get access to multiple group boards. I’m sure if you have done a little bit of research about generating organic traffic from Pinterest using this tip.

Pinterest boards

People would say no matter how relevant the group boards are to your niche just apply to join the biggest group boards to get higher reach on Pinterest. But it doesn’t work anymore Pinterest in this way,  Pinterest will very clear about group boards losing distribution power since the middle of 2018.

And when you see a group board with thousand of contributors it might be tempting to apply because it will be easier to get accepted but on the other hand, you will be most probably joining a group board that is full spam and has no specific topic.

Usually, these general boards permit pinners from all varieties of niches. So don’t waste your time to trying get access to the group boards, especially to generic group boards. Pay attention on building boards in your own account.

Rule #4 – Target Popular Short qQueries on Pinterest

Don’t try to target too narrow and long-tail keywords on Pinterest like you would do on google with the new site. You will actually now not be getting the amount of traffic you actually deserve on Pinterest. These are the two motives why I endorse you to attention on brief and most popular keywords rather.

01.The first reason is that Pinterest doesn’t give any priority to all the sites. Pinterest doesn’t care about domain authority or backlinks like google does. Therefore competing for popular keywords is feasible for any new web site and any new account on Pinterest.

02.The second reason is that Pinterest users search for something very specific. They do not have a specific long tail keyword in thoughts while they arrive to Pinterest. Therefore just so you know it’s official information shared by Pinterest that suggests about 75% of all searches on this platform are brief search phrases of about one to a few maximum phrases. And people view on average about 60 pins per query, that’s another proof that all the sites in search results have approximately the same chances for a click. You just need to make sure that your pins stand out.

Rule #5 – Save the first pin to the most relevant board

When you save your pins for the first time on Pinterest make sure that you choose the most relevant board first. Ideally, you should find a board that has the same focus keyword in the board title as you have in the Pin Title. After saving your pin to the best relevant board you can save it to other relevant boards, but make sure that your content first goes to the most relevant board. By doing this you help Pinterest understand what your pin is actually about and you help the algorithm find the right people who will be interesting new content and will show the early engagement on your pins.

Rule #6 – Create multiple images for each piece of content

My Pinterest traffic tip number 06 is to create multiple images for each piece of content. Remember that every pinned image has a half-life of about three and a half months. It’s some point continuing to save the same image repeatedly will become last effective. So what works on Pinterest nowadays is creating new images and pin descriptions at all the time even for your old content.

Free Traffic from Pinterest

And it’s way easier to create a couple of new pins for your old posts and we share it on Pinterest with the fresh image than to create a brand new piece of content right? Of course, Pinterest rewards content creators who get masses of saves from distinct web page URL’s who can produce new content frequently. But you must know, not for all business models it works well. So this strategy of savings multiple pins linked to the same content actually can generate you a lot of Pinterest traffic without burning you out with new content creations all the time.

I often get this question from people who learn about duplicate content on google that if creating multiple pins for the same content you might trigger spam filters on Pinterest for duplicates. I want to reveal you that Pinterest does not mind you creating new pin images for your older posts. Because for Pinterest as a visual search engine, an image is the piece of the content, as long as you create a new image it considers a fresh piece of content for Pinterest.


Rule #7 – Be Consistent

My tip number 07 is to be consistent. This might something you heard about on other social media platforms as well as like you probably know that Instagram & Youtube reward account for consistency. And the same happens in Pinterest. And you shouldn’t ignore this fact.

I see that most of the people struggle with be constant on Pinterest because it seems like such hustle to save more than 10 or even 30 pins everyday. So people tend to jump on Pinterest, everyone’s in a while likes a once a month maybe and save a bunch of 100 pins in less an hour. Is it possible? Yeah, Totally possible. Especially if a big part of these pins is just tree pins.

But is it efficient in driving your traffic? No, It’s not. You need to try and spread out your pining. If you can not log in manually on Pinterest a few time a day just do it with a scheduler like Tailwind for example. You do not want to keep in mind about Pinterest numerous times a day to be consistent. Schedular pins with intervals of a list one day in Tailwind and Pinterest will love your account for consistency.

So these are my 07 tips for drive traffic to your Website or Blog in 2020. And thank you very much for reading the entire article. Here you can read our previous article on How to use Pinterest as a Beginner?


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