The Best 05 places to visit in uk (United Kingdom) as a Traveller

05 places to visit in uk

Hello! dear travelers, hope all of you are doing well guys!. Here is the, The Best 05 places to visit in uk (United Kingdom) as a Traveller & before you travel to United Kingdom, there are some important things you have to consider.

History of the country

From the name UK, we can know it is a Kingdom. And what does United mean? The United Kingdom (UK) incorporates four international locations: England, Scotland, and Wales (which together make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland (that is variously described as a country, province, or region).

But what has the UK to do with Northern Ireland? Ireland, officially the Republic of Ireland, is an independent sovereign nation while Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Why? Because of a conflict between the two main religious groups, the Protestants and the Catholics…

Unionists are predominantly Protestant (often Scottish and English) while nationalists are predominantly Catholic and usually descend from the Irish population. A slight majority of the present-day population are Unionists and wish to remain part of the United Kingdom, but a significant minority known as Nationalists, want to see a united Ireland. So that’s why Northern Ireland still remains a part of the UK.

What about the fairy tale stories in the White House, I mean the Buckingham Palace? Maybe you watch TV and read newspapers or heard rumors? Or did you see their face on a mug? The Queen is now the world’s longest-serving monarch since 1952 (she was 26) and now she is 94. Old and gold? Prince Charming Harry is out of the game. Let us Brexit, was his thought. Or time for more Megxit.

Harry and Meghan say Goodbye to their senior positions in the royal family. The Queen seemed to be very unamused, upset because they left the royal fishbowl and did not like the media scrutiny. Also, Lady Diana’s story after the car crash in a road tunnel in Paris seemed to be an unlawful killing. Some media claimed the erratic behavior of paparazzi following the car contributing to the crash. Yes. Her partner Dodi Fayed and Diana might have lived a life in the fast lane after the separation of Charles and Diana. She died aged 36 and was much appreciated.

History. Interesting are the monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury, the Celtics, Romans (water, sanitation, and straight roads), Vikings, William Shakespeare, and 1928 – Women gain equal rights to vote. The UK plays some role in almost every country in the world and there could be pages filled with more knowledge and history. But we want to save the trees. So first of all, make it online, and second, we stop writing about history right now.

United Kingdom Flag

Traditions of the country

UK is OK. And crazy about partying. You can go from one Hangover directly to another Hangover. For example, there is the Notting Hill Carnival which takes place over 2 days in early August and attracts over 2.5 million people making it one of the world’s largest street festivals.

Then Glastonbury Music Festival is a 5 day festival of contemporary performing arts in southwest England. If this is still not enough go to Hogmanay in Edinburgh, a 3 day New Year’s Party from 30 December, one of the world’s greatest new year’s parties. Ha-ha. Scotland has an extra public holiday on 2 January for people to recover. How great is this? Some other traditions.

There is an unusual British tradition is call Cheese rolling, that includes a ball of Double Gloucester cheese and a crowd this is willing to chase it for fun. And if you are sick of Pub and Alcohol, there is the Afternoon Tea, which is probably one of the quintessentially British things to partake, it has emerge a socially-acceptable and alternatively a satisfying excuse to meet people for ‘a few grub’ from 2 p.m to until 4 p.m in the afternoon.

Walking down the streets, the red double-deck bus and the red telephone boxes are really icons, such as kilts and tartans are part of Scotland’s national costume. Definitely, in the UK you can enjoy customs and traditions with everybody, as they love to hang out and chat and are very polite until they are too drunk and lying on the floor. Another tradition.

The weather

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Better we do not talk about it. Oh my Gooooshhhhshhshss. When I was working during a so-called summer in Brighton, it was 3 days NOT raining out of 8 weeks. It is called heavy rain or rain or water drops falling from above. We never recognize what the weather might be like from one day to the other. It may be one day is sunny and the next day rainy.

As the British have such a variable climate changing from day to day, it is difficult to predict the weather. In usually, they’ve warm summers and cool winters. Britain summers are cooler than those on the continent, however the winters are milder, for this reason Britain is extra influenced by the ocean compared with other European countries, and the Gulf Stream enables to maintain milder compared with other landlocked nations with similar latitude.

In any case, when you visit the UK, take an umbrella with you.

As a Traveller, what we have to explore there?

English is = English? Not at all. There are very many dialects throughout the country with some completely different ones some with centers as close as 55 km apart. The worst one being Geordie from Newcastle which sometimes is very difficult for other English people to understand, however, the Geordie people are renowned for their friendly hospitality and sense of humor. Cheers. Back to the beer: Northern Ireland with Dublin as capital is famous for its world-renowned Guinness (dark stout). Best is to drink it there because in other countries it is mostly not drunk a lot and therefore less intensive in taste. What else?

The Lloyds of London is famous for insuring very many ships throughout the world and operates as a market place for individual members and syndicates, but also ensures odd things such as Celine Dion’s vocal cords.

Of course, you may have heard about the world-famous Cambridge or Oxford Universities which uniquely are comprised of individual colleges, the latter being the oldest still-functioning university in English speaking world and second worldwide. Scotland with Edinburgh it’s capital famous for its Whiskey especially the Malt Variety and the Forth Bridge for which the story goes when they have finished painting it at one end they go back to start again at the other. Weird but OK UK.

Five must-visit places in the United Kingdom

The main tourist areas are London, Cotswolds, Lake District, and Peak District. I was working in a language school for a total of 4 months and could discover Brighton and its surroundings.

London: From above the London Eye, an observation wheel, and a paid tourist attraction, you can see the River Thames, Buckingham Palace, and a large area of London. Did you hear about Big Ben? It is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the Palace of Westminster, originally named the Clock Tower but now Elizabeth Tower.


A visit to Covent Garden is amazing because of the shops and street entertainers, it was the former fruit and vegetable market. Do not miss Camden Town, because of Shopping, Drinks, Food, and Live music. Camden like a Londoner, park yourself near the Lock, grab a coffee, and watch the world go by. Apart from this, take any travel guide and explore more.

Cotswolds: The name known as Cotswold has popularly attributed the meaning of “sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides”, incorporating the term wold, meaning hills. Ask Google about Cotswolds and you get shown golden or honey-colored buildings in amazing countryside. The area is described with the aid of the bedrock of Jurassic limestone that creates a sort of grassland habitat rare ins the UK that is quarried for the golden-colored Cotswold stone.


Cambridge: Cambridge is a well known university city and the county metropolis of Cambridgeshire, England. Cambridge’s 02 universities, the local campus of Anglia Ruskin University and the collegiate University of Cambridge serve around 30,000 pupils, with by some estimates. And what is Punting in Cambridge? Any idea? It seems like being in Venice, you can hire a traditional boat and a Punt, a handsome man guiding you through the river Cam.


Brighton:It is a beach side resort in the county of East Sussex. Brighton is a constituent a part of the metropolis of Brighton and Hove. Special is the Brighton Palace Pier, walk along and see the seagulls stealing your ice cream out of your hands. The annual festival Brighton Pride is the Carnival of Diversity. For Gay and Straight People to celebrate under one same rainbow. Gay Parties and Events are held all year in this city. And a lot of language schools have their lessons there, which makes Brighton a place for young people.


Greenwich: Greenwich is where to find the Meridian Line (explanation follows), the famous tea clipper Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum, the Old Royal Naval College including the wonderful Painted Hall, The O2, London’s cable car and lots more. Greenwich is where western and eastern and hemispheres meet.


Do you know the Greenwich Mean Time? UTC/GMT-4, for example, is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The GMT/UTC minus 4 hours offset is used by pretty a few countries inside the Caribbean, and not using a change for the duration of the 12 months, as no Daylight Saving Time is exerted.

Answer this question: Have you been to the UK or just England or Great Britain? Or Ireland? Confusing, I know. But the UK is OK.

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