How to use simple Apps for Money Management that helps for Women.

Apps for Money Management

What is Money Management?

Money management is simply to how you handle your finances, and not just about saying “no” to any purchase but developing a plan that allows you to say “yes” to the things that are most important to you. Any amount of money you have can prove to be too little for you if you don’t have the skill of money management.

Money Management

Knowing Where You’re At

The start of good money management requires you to know where you’re standing in terms of the things you own and the amounts you owe. Your assets include your bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts and property which includes your house and car. Your liabilities include your credit card balances, student loans, car loans, mortgages, and other debts. When you subtract your assets from your liabilities, you get your net worth.

Setting Your Goals

Your goals dictate how you manage your money. By setting goals, you can give clarity to which expenses are necessary and which ones to be cut out. There isn’t a universal “right” and “wrong” when it comes to your spending goals, but it takes effort to attain them.

Creating and Adjusting Your Budget

Creating a budget helps you to manage your money because you earmark certain amounts for certain expenses. However, your budget can be changing over time.

Managing Multiple Accounts

As you save for different goals, you might have money in multiple accounts. For instance, you would possibly preserve your emergency fund in a separate savings account so you are not tempted to tap it for an impulse buy. You’ll also use unique techniques for goals with unlike time horizons. You will want an account with none risk, which include a savings account, on your emergency fund because you may want that cash at any time. A software program, such as Quicken, can help you keep track of your various accounts to make sure you’re staying on track with your spending and savings goals.

Money Management for Women.

Apps for Money Management

Due to the multiple roles that women play daily, as household managers, consumers or as business owners, financial management is extremely important. Below are some tips on how to achieve this:

Prepare a budget: Plan your expenses for a given period by monitoring if you have spent more than you have planned for. At the end of the month, make the vital adjustments to upgrade it.

Using different accounts for different purposes: The secret to generating wealth is money management. One of the ways is to divide the money into different accounts for different purposes and relate each account to an area of your life – and to use it only for that purpose. Each time you receive money, divide a percentage to different accounts.

Investment instead of saving: Money is too volatile to focus only on saving. Aim to invest more to generate returns and more income. It is good to be an active investor to earn an income.

Prepare for contingencies: Protect yourself with insurance on your business, life and other assets that can be adversely affected and impact your wealth. Create an emergency fund in order to use at any possible problems relating to work, production or personal situations that may arise.  

Increase added value: The more value that is generated, the higher the price your client will be willing to pay you for the product or service that you are offering. Investing in yourself to grow and create greater competencies is the satisfactory long-term funding in which you may collect experience, training and stay up to date.

Think about tomorrow: Design a retirement and savings plan for the future. On common, women have a better life expectancy than men and should reflect about how they will manipulate the costs. 

Build and consolidate your credit history: You may not have taken into consideration this but, however obtaining credit score to buy a house or a car, open a business, or maybe to have your credit card you need to have an awesome, responsible and well timed payment history.

Women’s Guide to Money Management

Womens are professionals in relation to handling money. Whether they are housewives or hot shot career women, managing money is like second nature to them. They save money and invest them in different avenues to get good returns. Women who have deeper financial knowledge also choose to invest affordable amounts periodically in the mutual fund via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Whatever be the preferred mode of saving money, different apps make the task of money management easier. While women can be cash-savvy, maximum of them are blind to the diverse money management apps which have been developed.

Here is your better guide to using really simple apps for all your money matters.

apps for money mgt

Payment apps

Payment apps were the first apps that became popular after the Government demonetized two of the most used legal tenders. As cash crunch have become excessive, people shifted to virtual payment apps, known as mobile wallets to make payment bills for his or her financial transactions. These payment apps simplify all your payment related needs. They also give you attractive discounts and cashback which help you save money.

Expense Tracking Apps

There are various apps offering to budget to expense tracking options. Keeping a tab on the spending is not only easy. But these apps, not only track, but they also analyze and tell you a variety of things, like sharing of expenses under different heads. Some assist to check bank balance, automate reminders, budget, book services, and so on.

Banking apps

Banking apps are apps developed by banks in making banking easier for their customers. These apps deliver banking to your fingertips and will let you manipulate and monitor your bank account without any difficulty. Every bank develops its app and downloading your bank’s app on your Smartphone provides complete banking assistance on your Smartphone and you are saved from rushing to the bank for simple banking needs.

Investing apps

Investing apps are apps that help you invest your money in different avenues and also keep track of your investments. These apps are provided by investment service providers, investment brokers, etc. With investment apps you don’t have to visit special systems for deciding on different investment options. The apps provide you with a numerous choice of making an investment avenues and you can pick any avenue which you like. You can also evaluate different products and then select which pick is the best. Investment apps generally provide you to choose any monetary instrument for investing your savings and also track your investments.

Examples of Money Managing Apps

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the best money management apps available nowadays. It lets you track your budget at the same time as inclusive of data about your investment accounts. The interface is intuitive and the visuals are easy to see on the desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Graphs of your investments via investment account, asset elegance, or character investment are smooth to examine, making it smooth to track your investment overall performance and manipulate your portfolio. You can even get assist from an investment expert in some cases.

Personal Capital’s budgeting functions aren’t quite as robust or intuitive as some of the other money management tools, but they get the job done. The main advantage of Personal Capital is the fact that your investments are considered in the equation, giving you a holistic view of your total financial picture.


Mint has long been a budgeting website and app. Mint gives access to your investment accounts in addition to budgeting tools. In Mint, the budgeting portion is the stronger offering, while the investing section feels a little like an afterthought.

Mint is the best option if you want to keep a detailed budget. You can create many budget categories as you want and you can categorize transactions on the go. Mint automatically pulls transactions from your bank accounts and credit cards, so that they’re all in one place. Mint also analyses your spending, providing insights into your habits, letting you see where you could improve.

3. Acorns

Acorns app allows you to start investing with virtually no effort. You simply set it up, and get going.

You can use Acorns simply to round up your transactions, but you could also set up recurring withdrawals for your account, or enhance your account with a one-time transaction. Acorns have a new shopping app type function called Found Money, where the brand partners will automatically invest in your Acorns account when you shop with their brands.

Importance of the latest technology for money management.

Money Management

Nowadays banks, money management apps, and businesses are prioritizing ways their customers can use technology to make managing their finances easier and more convenient than ever before. There are many new features constantly being released, from apps that manage your money for you to personalized discounts based on your location and quick, easy transfers into any currency around the world.

• Technology has made a vast development and Smartphones & various applications have become quite common for everyone, whether young or old. Whether you want to buy apparel, electronic gadgets, grocery or connect with your loved ones, there is an app for every need. Even handling cash has come to be smooth with a variety of money management apps available on your mobile’s platform.

The latest apps for money management

• While online banking apps and budgeting apps are brilliant tools, there are lots of new apps launching that are focusing on managing your finances for you in the background. The app DoNotPay launched a feature called Free Trial Surfing in the UK which allows people to sign up to free subscription services, such as Netflix, without having to provide their payment details, so there’s no fear of forgetting to cancel subscriptions. The website Look After My Bills automatically changes your energy provider once your current deal finishes by putting you on the best deal available. Technology has made it possible to manage apps from a smartwatch.

Online banking constantly adding new features

• Online-only banks have no physical branches which means they have fewer expenses and tend to focus solely on the technology behind their business which means that they can offer the latest features before the other banks can, such as the ability to freeze and unfreeze cards. Online banking is also becoming faster and bigger where it’s able to transfer money from one currency to another quickly and with fewer fees involved from traditional banks.

Use geo-location for discounts

• Geo-location technology is built into smartphones where it’s combined with the use of “QR codes” resulting in savings when shopping. All you need to do is take a screenshot or photo of a “QR code” to use. Companies are providing personalized “QR codes” to customers for on-the-spot discounts that will be tailored to their location. This is a loyalty scheme where the businesses are trying out, involving the customers by sending texts and emails encouraging them to visit nearby favorite shops.

Changes in money management methods are happening quickly as the technology behind them is developing faster, therefore the customers want more digital features and there’s plenty of competition.

Those are the main and significant facts that you need to know about simple Apps for Money Management that helps for Women. Then I think these above are really useful for you. I think this article also help fro you about How to Reduce Monthly Expenses.


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