Something about me: In 2015 my first trip of 6 months was backpacking. Since then I love it. From Switzerland to Russia and my last destination Oman before I went back to Switzerland, my solo trip was an amazing mixture of adventure and silence.

I took one year to prepare and yet I still travelled spontaneously. I booked only the flights and organised all the visas, vaccinations as well as using the year’s preparation, to finish studies, quit my jobs, store my belongings etc. Saving money took longer and dreaming about what I wanted to see and taking an inner decision to travel started 10 years before I finally took off. It was all a process of growth and it took some time to fulfil my dream. But it was totally worth it. Nowadays, I have no more fear of traveling, strange situations and all the world is my home, I feel comfortable mostly everywhere. I have met good and bad people. I have made mistakes but learnt from them. Until 2020 I have discovered most of the world outside, by travelling and working for 5 years as a tour guide in Oman, and now during the Coronavirus time I am more working on myself and have my inner thoughts and memories. What about the future?

For me, every day balancing my body, mind and heart is a part of what I love to do. Living the NOW and step by step creating my life.

Writing this text about every country I have been is a big pleasure. Thanks to Anjihow I discover even more from that countries and cultures. I just love it.

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And I hope to see you. Please I really would like to meet YOU. I do not know where I am going from here. But I promise it won’t be boring.