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09 quick tips

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to the AnjiHow Blog. So today I want to give 09 hot tips to new bloggers looking to elevate their blogs in 2020. So if you’re wondering, ok I got the blog up now, what do I do, how do I monetize it, how do I gain an audience. Stay with me until the end of the article, because this article is for you.

01. Just Start

The first & main thing you need to do is just start. Hopefully, you’ve already done that. So we don’t need to spend too much time on this but, sometimes I have had people reach out to me about their blogs and they have yet to even start it.  Go ahead and start the thing, put up a basic template, put up a well even just one blog post.

So you have something to motivate you to keep going if you’re reaching out to me, I have no problem with talking to you guys. I absolutely love it when you guys send me messages and everything like that but, I would love to see your work and I would love to give you feedback on what it is that you’ve already started. So what I want you to do first is the start.

02. Be Consistent

Next, be consistent in order to grow and gain exposure in this blogging space. You have to consistently be creating content because guess what out of sight, out of mind people forget about you fast. There are so many messages and people online now. You have to be at the top of their minds a good way to make sure that you’re staying consistent is by creating a Content calendar.

Now, what that is simply a document you can do it in Google. Google Docs you can do it on your end pages, word whatever you want to do it. However, you like to do it you simply create a document. That lists out the posts that you are going to do for that month. So for instance, if you’re going to be publishing a post once a week on your blog you’re going to come up with four content ideas within your niche that you are going to post to the blogs.

That way you’re not waiting for the last minute to try to come up with ideas and when you can’t come up with something is like screw it. I’m not going to publish and so that is the easy way to follow up and for your audience to kind of forget about you. So make sure you are staying consistent use a content calendar in order to help you do that.

03. Tell People About It

New Bloggers

Next, you got to tell people about it. Listen, nobody well knows about your blog if you don’t tell them about it.

Let me tell you in on a little secret right now guys. When I first started my blog, I was low-key kind of a shame it because I felt like it had to be all fancy and I wasn’t there yet, and often times its natural to not want to be seen at the bottom. That’s normal but guess what now that I know and if I could go back, I would absolutely shout my blog from the rooftops.

I eventually got over that feeling but it took me a few months to finally realize this and what if I want to be successful in this and, I want people to support my blog and know what I’m doing and all the great things I have to say. I have to tell them about it in this article right here. Use social media, use all of the ways in order to let new people know about, what you are doing.

04. Authenticity Always Win

Lean in just a little bit of authenticity always wins. You must keep in mind this; people want a copycat of somebody else. Listen I know people are out here making major moves in this online space and oftentimes you can look at the things they’re doing and be like oh my gosh like I love that I could do that too. And feel like oh! Okay, maybe I should try to do that definetely.

Listen I’m not saying that you can’t have similar ideas or do similar types of content as other people, but make sure you’re doing it from your own perspective and from your own authenticity. If that makes sense it is so important in order to spread your own voice and show the world what you have to offer instead of just being a replica of somebody else. I’m not saying this to give you tough love at this moment. I promise you guys’ authenticity will always win.

05. Use your Analytics

Next, use the analytics to your advantage. What am I mean by that, if you are posting something on your site and you happen to look in Google Analytics or if you post something on Instagram and you look in those analytics and you see wow people are really liking this.

So you’re getting a lot of comments on something or a lot of likes. Stick with that type of content that you just posted, because it means that’s what people are looking for from you. Where that’s something that they’re interested in hearing about. So make sure you use the analytics to your advantage and continue to create the content that your people want to see.

06. Get on Video

Do you really want a new blogger heck, jump on video? I promise you so many people are afraid to get on video. When you get on video, it’s going to make you stand out even more. It’ll give you something that differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. If you are not afraid to get on video, I would highly suggest you do that. Video lives so much longer than any type of static post on Instagram or Facebook.

Get on Video

You can also embed them into your website and, obviously that I think that YouTube is great when it comes to video.

You can just do so much more but even if you don’t want to create long term content, you don’t want to add it and do all that good stuff IG TV Instagram, Facebook, girl hop on Tik-Tok, whatever your thing is to get yourself on video.

People want to know you get involved in your life, how you talk all that good stuff and it really does create a deeper connection with your audience. If you want to grow fast in 2020 you need to be on video, then just trust your own ideas.

Maybe you have an idea to do something super fun with your audience or do something that you’ve never seen anybody do before. Does it go ahead and take a chance on the type of content that you create and the things that you do. Maybe you want to have a live meetup or something like that. Don’t be afraid to trust your own ideas, because you will be surprised at what will pop.

07. Plan for Monetization

Next, make sure you’re thinking about monetization. Early you want to think about in the future when you decide to monetize your content and monetize your blog. What type of monetization are you trying to do, are you trying to work with brands, and are you trying to use affiliate marketing and what is it that you’re trying to do.

If you haven’t thought about that yet, but I think it’s really important to think about that early. So how to move forward with your content and with the plans for your blog now.

08. Define Success

One of the biggest tips I have is to decide what success looks like to you does. It simply means you point out into the world some of the thoughts and ideas that you have does. It means you making friends with other bloggers and creating friendships that can last a lifetime or do it mean you making money to be able to sustain your family.

You have to decide what that successor looks like to you because if you don’t it is really easy to kind of get caught up in other people’s success and not really value your own. Success is defined by the individual and not by the industry.

Have Fun

09. Have Fun

And most importantly make sure you’re out here having fun. This is a very unordinary career something that we are so blessed to be able to do out here shares our gifts and shares our thoughts with the world. So have fun while you’re doing it. What I’m saying it can be a little bit stressful sometimes, I’m not going to lie but ultimately and overall.

It is absolutely so fun to simply be able to make a living off of just living your life and being who you are. So don’t take that for granted and make sure you embrace that and, have fun with the ends and just don’t take yourself so seriously.

What I’m saying just gets out here happen and does you, so those are my quick tips for new bloggers. If you like this article & you believe if these tips worth you, please like, comment & share the post with your collogues. And here you can find my previous articles of How to Create a Blog on WordPress, How to Write a Good Blog Post in 2020 & 05 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a New Bloggers.


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