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Hey guys! Welcome to the AnjiHow blog. Today we are talking about easy ways to promote affiliate links. If you’re unaware of what affiliate marketing is, it’s simply you receiving a commission for selling someone else’s products. One of the easiest ways to make money as a new blogger is to use affiliate marketing.

There are so many amazing programs that you can promote and receive money even when you’re just starting out building your blog. But as you begin to share your affiliate links there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you start sharing.

First, make sure you’re sharing authentically. I personally like to share products and services that I love. I either use or have used in the past every product and service I promote. I think it’s easier to talk about it explain it and show your audience why you love it and why they would love it too.

One way to do really well at affiliate marketing is being able to show your audience, why they need something and if you haven’t used it yourself it’s gonna be pretty hard to convince someone why they need something when you’re not even using it. Now that brings me to make sure you’re giving value and showing your audience why they need this product. It really comes as no surprise to me that tutorials how to and walkthroughs do really well with affiliate marketing. Because the deeper you can go into a product or service with someone, the more they’re going to see its value and feel inclined to buy it.

So one of the best things you can do for yourself and your audience is to make sure you’re giving massive value when you’re telling them and talking about any product or service. And then you just want to make sure you’re disclosing properly depending on how you’re going to be sharing your affiliate links. You just want to make sure you’re using the right verbiage and you’re letting your audience know upfront being open and honest about the fact that you are sharing an affiliate link with them.

It really is no big deal you’d be surprised at the number of people that want to shop using your links, just to support you and your brand. Just make sure you let them know it’s at no additional cost to them and you’ll be fine.


01. Promote your Affiliate Links is in Blog Posts

promote affiliate links

Now the first way you can promote your affiliate links is in blog posts. Whatever you’re writing posts on your site and you have a product or service that would be a great integration or just a great asset to that blog post. Make sure you include those links in there because as people are going through your content and they’re reading and they’re getting value out of what you are sharing.

You want to make sure that you’re giving them away to support you by inserting your affiliate links. Now when you’re first starting out in affiliate marketing I really think it’s important to focus on only a few affiliate programs until you get the hang of it. And I was always sharing things that I was actually using and that was benefiting me. So make sure when you select an affiliate product to promote your audience is really beneficial for you.

02. Next Instagram Stories

 Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an amazing way to build a deeper connection with your audience because it’s one to one. When you’re posting something people have the opportunity to respond directly to you and people absolutely loves that. So make sure that you’re using that opportunity in Instagram stories if you have to swipe up to insert your affiliate links.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have shared something that I was doing, or something that I was wearing, or whatever and people are like where did you get that, you know and they’re asking you all these questions about it. But guess what, if I just drop that affiliate link in there they don’t have to ask they can simply swipe up and they can go directly to the product. So make sure that you’re using the Instagram stories if you have the swipe up feature and if not you can always include a link in your bio.

03. Then YouTube Videos.


YouTube is an amazing place to promote your affiliate links because these videos are constantly being watched, and constantly being promoted by YouTube. When you talk about a product or service and people are interested in it and you go ahead and you put your affiliate links down in that description people shop with you. It is really amazing how you really can just create this video one time, put your affiliate links in the description and people really click them. So don’t be afraid to put your affiliate links in the description box.

04. Then Pinterest


Pinterest is an amazing place to share affiliate links because people are going over there looking for particular things and when they stumble upon one of your pins, and you connect it directly to a product, I mean it’s a quick way to get sales.

05. And then Emails


When someone takes the time to subscribe to your email list, they’ve pretty much at that point bought into you and your brand. So this means they trust what you have to say, so when you’re sending out emails to your email list that’s one-to-one communication.

And people feel like okay she or He taking their time to recommend this product and if it’s something they need, or they want they typically will at least click to check out that product or service. So if they’re in a buying mindset when you send out your link you will see that your conversions really go up when you start sending affiliate links through email.

Now with all this, I definitely don’t recommend just bombarding your audience with affiliate links and offers and all that all the time. I think there’s a give and there is a take, I share so many tools and resources on this blog, that I am not an affiliate for. I totally believe in giving massive value to my audience and when the time is right, I know that I will reap the reward for that. The goal should always be to share with integrity so that your audience trusts your recommendations when you make them and that’s how you will increase your affiliate income.

So those are my tips for today for easy ways to promote affiliate links. If you liked this article like it and don’t forget to share it with your friends. And you can follow my previous articles about affiliate marketing of Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2020.


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