05 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a New Bloggers

Blogging Mistakes

Welcome back to the blog. So today I want to talk about the top 05 blogging mistakes that new bloggers make when they’re first getting started. Listen I get it I was a new blogger at one point in time – and you want everything to be right but, what if I told you there are things that you are doing that are preventing you from doing.

01. Overwhelm

Just that’s the first thing being overwhelmed you are getting. So overwhelmed by all the things there is to do it. Trust me I know there’s a lot of components to think about, but the only thing you should be worrying about right now is starting. Don’t worry about the things you cannot control, don’t worry about anything else, but getting that blog started. Don’t allow yourself to get so entangled in the small details that you do nothing so many times.

You guys sometimes getting stuck in analysis paralysis. You analyze a situation, you’re researching, you’re thinking about it I don’t know and isn’t that. Guys just starting the only thing you should be concerned with it’s starting.

02. Perfection

And that brings me to try to make everything perfect. listen I know you want it to be amazing and, I know you want to represent yourself well and, I know you see all these other people and their stuff is amazing but you cannot worry about trying to make something perfect. This blogging process and the entrepreneurial process period are all about the journey.

It’s about starting where things are not so very and getting better and better as time goes on. So allow you to embrace that moment, embrace the journey, embrace the process, and embrace that. This is a new venture for you and you have time to make it better in the future.

03. Comparison

Listen you cannot compare your chapter 01 to somebody else’s chapter 05. Comparing yourself to somebody else it’s only going to make you that much more overwhelmed by the entire process. You don’t know what that other has going on.

Blogging Mistakes

They could have been doing this for five or ten years. They can have an entire team of people behind them that includes photographers and, editors and someone to negotiate contracts and you don’t know that, you just don’t know from the outside looking in.

They could have come from a photography background, a marketing background. You just don’t know oftentimes people don’t lead with the experience that they had coming in.

So here, you are thinking oh! Okay, they’re doing so amazing and I am NOT. You cannot come into this game with that attitude. Do not compare yourself to anybody else. Focus on getting started, focus on your journey, and give the best that you got to.

04. Not Investing

Give the next thing is not investing in learning. Listen I know that there’s tons of information out here online and, if you really take the time you can piece it all together and figure out what to do. But guess what that’s doing, that’s wasting your time and that’s time that you could be used to perfect the art of blogging. Sometimes you just absolutely have to invest in yourself and put money behind what it is that you want to do.

Listen I know you’ve heard the saying “it takes money to make money honey” and there is nothing in this situation, that is any different in blogging. You know you got to invest in the tools and sometimes the resources in order to make it to where you want to be and all of that can get a bit expensive.

05. Giving Up

05 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

And another thing people give up entirely too soon. I’ve talked to so many people and they’re like oh! I used to have a blog and then I just kind of let it go. Listen this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is not a “wham bam thank you ma’am type” of industry and if you are looking for something like that, keep your mind this is not it.

It takes time and, patience in order to build up a blog to build up any type of community in this online space. When you’re branding yourself in your ideas and, your thoughts and, everything like that. So give it time and don’t give up on your ideas, don’t give up on your blog and, don’t give up on you.

You absolutely deserve to be out here sharing your gifts with the world and I want to make sure you do just. If you like this article, if you haven’t already you must avoid these biggest blogging mistakes and share it with your friends and we’ll meet again in the next article, Bye!

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